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    Is it just me or do other people have a regular problem with their diaper's leak guards either coming "unglued" from the elastics or the elastics sometimes breaking outright? For me this is often brand-dependent, as the Dry 24/7's and Seni's don't typically exhibit the problem, but Abena M3's (my current day diaper) and many others do it all the time, to the point that I'm now stapling the leak guards in place...the sharp part of the staples pointing outward, hehe. Is this just from normal wear and tear, or possibly from the weight of the diaper as it gets heavy, or could it be a taping issue? I read about quality control issues sometimes but recall this problem from back when I wearing the plastic M3's, although I don't remember the frequency.

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    I don't really understand how the leak guard can be stapled in place. It's supposed to stand perpendicular to the padding, so there's not really anything to staple it to...

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    The "paper" part of the guard gets folded over one or more elastic bands and then either glued or heat-sealed to itself. The seal is coming loose, causing the paper part to drape. Kind of like a blanket partly falling off a long clothesline.

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    Are you using the diapers as normal, or are you augmenting your experience with outside influences? Oils can have a severe and adverse affect on the elastics and adhesive of the leak guards causing them to separate. I found this out when I was suffering adverse affects from a new medication recently. The new med in combination with the stresses of moving and poor diet were causing me to experience very oily BM's from food (especially fats) being passed straight through my system undigested. This oil would cause the leak guards to become separated and it disintegrated the elastics in them and the adhesive that holds them to the diaper.

    Just to be clear, you are talking about the standing leak guards and not the outer leg gathers, correct? I wanna make sure we're all on the same page.

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    Creams and ointment will cause this also

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    Ditto on the creams. I've only known one brand to withstand my ointment, but it's not worth naming as they're crap in many other respects.
    A traditional cloth get-up works best with creams; dispies either leak or crumble (or both).

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    Wow, thanks everybody. After some rashes and a skin infection years ago, I got in the habit of using barrier cream pretty much everywhere. It never occurred to me that this was causing problem. I'd been planning to cut back and am now doing so, and it does seem to have helped. But as baby diapers are almost certainly made the same way, it seems weird that since day 1, (standing) leak guards have been susceptible to zinc oxide ointment, baby oil, etc., items that manufacturers should expect to get used inside a diaper.

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    Unless the babies parent should not be trusted with a gerbils life , babies are more frequently changed, the typical adult changes less frequently than a baby , so the stuff has more time to be detrimental to the diaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by depends4me View Post
    Is it just me or do other people have a regular problem with their diaper's leak guards either coming "unglued" from the elastics or the elastics sometimes breaking outright? .
    No this has been a problem for awhile and seems to have become more common. For me, it's fairly rare for leak guards to separate from the inner mat but I've seen it happen. But the elastic bands 'escaping' from the top edge of the leak guards have become a fairly common and significant problem for me. I've seen them on some tena and also new northshore with identical design. If I go more than a few hours without changing, I can start getting a pain in that fold where the leak guard lands, and sure enough, I have a strong band of bare elastic digging into my skin. I usually just snap it, the leak guard's not going to work anymore anyway.

    I used to see this with bambino diapers if I had any lotion down there, it seemed to break down the adhesiev that holds the leak guard folded over the elastic. But these new ones, they just need time and no other assistance it seems. It's quite annoying!

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