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Thread: Best diapers?

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    Question Best diapers?

    I want to just find some good diapers for people so heres the catch...
    I wanna know your opinion, no arguments please.

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    Abena M4, any abu diaper, tykables, dry 24/7, Tranquility ATN those are our favorites ranging in prices and absorbency of course but all serve their purpose

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    One diaper that doesn't get enough love is the DC Idyl. It may not be the thickest but the way the diaper looks and fits is pretty awesome. And you can buy them on Amazon.

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    ABU space
    Little paws

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    Quote Originally Posted by CuteBabNexus View Post
    I want to just find some good diapers for people so heres the catch...
    I wanna know your opinion, no arguments please.
    That's like asking a group what's the best car. There's way too many tradeoffs to call a clear winner. Cost and how thick / obvious you can tolerate have to be decided on at the very least. If you want to throw even those out, you're probably going to end up with something by ABU, Rearz, DC Amore, or maybe Bambino.

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    The best is ABU Space. The best color is Orange. The best car is a Panos GTR-1. The best food is Skittles.

    But that's just my opinion. you didn't ask for reasons, or qualify what you meant by best. Space Diaper is best because it has Aliens on on it, that you can eliminate with your pee pee laser!!!

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    In the looks department I am going to have to go with LittlePawz, sadly never tried them before ... but would love to at some point cause ... they are the cutest diaper ever.
    Beyond that my favorite diaper I have tried so far is the Bambino Bellissimo. Keeping in mind though it's been roughly 4+ years since I last been able to buy some.

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    Confidry 24/7,
    ABU Space/Simple/Any,
    Bambino (Bianco/Bellissimo/Teddy/etc),
    Abena 4,
    Northshore Supreme,
    Tranquility ATN,

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