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    I want a big crib, I used to have a small one made of wood but I need an upgrade. Anything I could buy?

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    I suppose a day bed could work. I'll be making an adult size cot soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleMattyMoo View Post
    I suppose a day bed could work. I'll be making an adult size cot soon.
    I guess a daybed will work :p

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    If you really want a babyish crib, look up the Babica PlayCrib. I build them.

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    Hard mfg makes a twin size hospital crib with drop sides.

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    I believe that you can get almost anything custom made for you nowadays although it's not cheap, thats why if and when I ever win the lottery then one of my purchases will be a complete adult sized baby nursery with a similar version to the one I slept in as a child as it will be a close replica of the one I remember only a lot more modern.

    But lets be practical that might not ever happen but I I did it would be nice, although I am going into care next year and will probably be wearing diapers again full-time although the idea of a crib would be a nice one although I can't afford one at this present time.

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    I would love to have my very own crib with a water soother on the side with the little dancing fishys, but what I truly want is a playpen. A wooden one, sturdy that has a nice thick foam pad on the bottom and walls high enough that I cannot possibly get out without unlocking a gate, with the lock on the outside. tons of toys for me to play with and a TV within eye shot. Ah, dreaming . . . .

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    I started with a standard bed frame but instead of a head and foot board, I bought two head boards. There are some nice tall and rounded headboards that are perfect for the makings of a crib. I added the side rails later. Start searching online bedding stores.

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    My diy head started to think how it woul be making the crib from 2 baby size cribs. You could screw 2 sides together per 1 side so the lenght would be more comfortable for adult (or maybe one whole one and saw the other one to be little shorter as 2 sides would make the crib extra long :p) . If the baby crib would include drop down side, that would work also. The bottom would need more support but i think it would be doable. Probably not the prettiest bed but worth of money as u can get quite cheap new baby cribs from ikea etc. or even cheaper if second hand. Probably could make it also bit wider too somehow. Could also use 2 headboards like this

    I hope the link works, havent add link to the message before

    There is also bit bigger baby cribs that are made to upgrade with the kid, usually those are around 140-160cm.

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