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Thread: AB clothing on trips away from home

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    A couple of weeks ago, I was staying a couple of nights in a hotel for an event with my model train club. Because I had the hotel room to myself, I decided to pack my footie pajamas to sleep in. And it worked out very well! Not only was it extra 'little' time, it helped to make the hotel room feel more 'at-home', and it was also kinda exciting to be doing something AB away from home, in the middle of an otherwise busy weekend surrounded by unknowing friends!

    In a couple of weeks time I again have a hotel room to myself as I'm going to a My Little Pony convention. And after a tiring day at the con, I can snuggle in bed wearing my Baby Pants 'Nursary Print' sleeper, with my pony plushie to cuddle of course! I'm considering even slipping a nappy into my bag (I have some Bambino Bellissimos at the moment), which I could wear under my sleeper. I'd most likely keep it dry though, as disposing of it at the hotel could be problematic.

    Does anyone else like getting in their little garb when they go on trips away from home?

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    I seldom travel very far from home but for certain outings and activities, like going to the movies or the fair, it's fun to wear babyish clothes and padding.

    I don't think throwing away a diaper at a hotel would be too hard, maybe just put it in a bunch of plastic bags and throw it in your room's trash can, or maybe a can outside the hotel.

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    Definitely! My wife and I are often little at furry cons. I keep her diapered and we both sleep in footie pajamas, stuff like that! Getting rid of the diapers is really no problem, just bring some plastic grocery bags and bag and tie your diapers when you take them off. Housekeeping isn't interested in digging through your trash and will take it all out at once.

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    Thanks for the hints. I'll take some plastic bags with me and see what I feel like doing on the day.

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    As I have some daytime wetting issues, I am usually padded away from home, especially if flying. I am a bedwetter, so I always wear protection at night--at home or away. I have some other "little" things I like to take with me, too, sleepers, training pants, plastic pants, etc. It's fun to be "little" or AB any time.

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    Many times when me and my partner go away, I often take my nappies, dummy and teddy �� bear. Its a nice chance to be little toddler away from home.when disposing of the nappy I usually put it a plastic bag and take it with me and put it a bin once I've left.

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    I wear a Babykins double layered terry cloth pull up or all in one nappy and a footed sleeper every night. And I travel regularly for work, so I often wearing them away from home. Sometimes I wear dungarees when travelling as well.

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    ive found that there is usally a dumpster near motels thats where i dump wet ones

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    Quote Originally Posted by atechno View Post
    I'd most likely keep it dry though, as disposing of it at the hotel could be problematic. Does anyone else like getting in their little garb when they go on trips away from home?
    First of all, I hope you enjoyed your convention, I have always wanted to go to one, but the closest to me is 100 miles from me.....something not an option. Also, it makes me feel a little better to know that I am probably not the only adult foal if I went to such a convention. Anyway, mabey a double plastic bag or a SOLID black yard bag that cant be seen through may be a good way to get rid of something, and just toss it casually in the trash out by the pool or front gate as leaving or something. Make sure you wrap it up GOOD, to decrease size, and someone will just think your throwing out some food or something in a black bag. :P Hope that this helped.

    Also, as for me, I wouldn't DARE to wear outside of my own room. I tried this once mabey twice, and to do an experiment walk around the lot to see how some new diapers faired with motion, but thats it. You are very brave for bringing such a thing, but just because your out of the house, that could provide some good comforting oppertunity to be yourself and relax. You shouldnt have to put your little side to the side just because your out and about.

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