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Thread: I need PVC pants

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    Default I need PVC pants


    I have searched a very long time for a pair of good PVC pants to wear over my diapers to protect from unwanted leakage. When I search om eBay I found this one:


    Do you think they will fit and are they made for using with diapers?

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    Your link points to vinyl trousers, which seems more like a fetish item than a practical solution for something. I'm not familiar with the manufacturer or the design, so don't know. Worldwide, Suprima is a respected name in pvc pants. See for their German site, or possibly for their US distributor. They likely also have a distributor in Sweden. Hope that helps.

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    DryLife do a range of plastic and rubber. tThe basics ones are cheap and crinkley!

    Their disposable slips are good too.

    Save Express in Germany also have a huge range.

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