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    I came across an article that was recently published in the Chicago Reader that I thought people might be interested in... The history of adult diapers!

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    I recall seeing them in the Sears catalog back in the day, as well as ads in the Sunday Tribune magazine Those would be cloth, though, roughly the equivalent of our all-in-ones I think. Yes, those ads were young Maxx's equivalent to diaper porn.

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    Interesting article. Just like you Maxx, those sears ads back in the 80s and 90s were my go to material for my diaper urges. Today I keep all porn to an absolute minimum, but those catalogues were very attractive as a kid!

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    That Cecil Adams column has been around for a while. It's wrong by the way. Attends atually came out in 1979 but they weren't the first by a long shot. They were one of the first hour-glass shpaed ones. There were several brands on the market before that were styled like the 1960's era pampers: rectangular fan folds with single tapes. Sears started selling these in 1978 and I remember getting a box from the pharmacy at the hospital I worked at the summer of 1979. I was regularly buying and wearing these (they sold them as sears best but the brand was medalist) and others such as ambeze and a few other brands. I do remember Attends hitting the catalogs and the stores shortly thereafter (around 1980) and displacing most of the single tape varieties entirely around 1982. I was a bit partial to the single tape ones as they were reminiscent more of the diapers of my youth.

    P&G bailed out of retail sales, selling off to PaperPak who would only sell to institutional/medical supply places. Depend took over most of the retail market. I still preferred Attends though I had to work harder to get them. There were some other pretty hideous brands (store brands and otherwise).

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    As a kid, I would wait for the new Sears catalog to see both the Christmas toys and diapers. I'm not sure which I liked more. Now of course, it would be the diapers.

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