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    How do I get my parents to let me wear diapers without telling them I want to?
    I'm 20 and live at home with my parents because I'm in school. Both of them used to work during the day so I could easily plan to have Northshore ship to arrive when they weren't here and after classes in the morning I had all day to myself. Now my Pop is home all day and he's always in the living room where the front door is so I can't get my package even if the delivery guy leaves it outside. Pop will ask about it and expect to see something new in my room with the size of the box they ship in if he sees me with it.
    I want to wear diapers and I want my parents to allow it but I don't wanna tell them that I actually want to wear diapers. I really don't feel like visiting a psychiatrist. I can't just tell them I wet the bed cause they'd expect there to be laundry and we do ours at the laundromat. So what do I do?

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    Are you in the USA? If so, you can request UPS or FedEx to hold your shipment at one of their shipping hubs after it has shipped. Once a tracking number is assigned, you can go to the website of the shipping company and request it to be held. That way you can pick it up in person privately instead of worrying about it being delivered to your house.

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    Yes you can do that but there only limited to holding your goods for 7 days minimum and up to 3-4 week's in maximum depending on their procedures/rules governing customer picking up packages personally, I don't live in America or Canada but I did this once because I was due to be on holiday when my delivery was due for my package/parcel, if you go to their website and enter your reference number and customer details you can track your parcel and ask for a delay if needed, you can also call them usually on a toll free number given on their website if you you are in the US or Canada.

    However if your like me and don't live or am not on holiday there you can use either of the two website links they are: &

    and yes they do allow you to pick your packages up but you'll need proper ID in the form of a driving licence passport/photo ID card a bank letter with your current address on it and so forth.

    Ps- when entering the above addresses don't use the & symbol as I was meant as a commer marker.
    Although in these countries their may be a charge to your mobile number or landline if you call up customer services which I did two years ago when tracking my redirected delivery from which ended up being delivered to me by UPS instead of amazon due to the volume of packages as it was near the end of Christmas and I was tracking my music cd's and dvd's that arrived later that month.

    Hope that this awnsered your questions.

    Yours sincerely

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    Its better to tell them, if they know good parenting they will back off and mostly supportive. This is a risky option though so don't do it if you feel it won't work.

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    I would advise against telling them. Yes some parents are accepting but kinks are not exactly something I'd be willing to share with parents. That's just me though. Don't have too many diapers on you at any one time, and have good secure hiding places for them. If you get caught you can still bring up the bedwetting excuse but say you wash your sheets in the sink and air dry when everyone is asleep or out of the house so no one will know and that you didn't want to tell anyone because it was embarrassing and don't want to see a doctor about it. But that should be a last resort.

    As for getting a hold of the diapers, you mentioned you take the bus for school. Is that a public transport bus that passes nearby a shopping center?
    If so bring a big backpack or one of those reusable shopping bags to hide your stuff in until you go home. Hide the diapers somewhere around the outside of your house where no one will be snooping around and bring them in when your dad isn't home or is asleep. Or in the case of a backpack you can try walking right in. If it's the normal backpack you use for school probably no one will mention a thing unless it's very obviously filled or has a blocky shape from your diapers (Open the package and spread them around inside your bag to reduce the defined shape)

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    You are an adult now, time to step up to the plate and be one.

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    Do you have any local friends who are aware of your wearing diapers? I used to let friends ship their stuff to my house and pick it up whenever so parents/roommates wouldn't find out. I accepting shipments of all kinds of interesting stuff...haha!

    Next best option is to ship to the ups store or whatever and pick it up. If you take the bus and you're 20, I assume you're in college and it's a regular pubic transportation bus? So you could easily take that to the nearest ups place.

    Honestly I would not tell my parents. Even if they were accepting (and they are very accepting of many things, including my trans wife, polyamory, etc) they'd have something to say about the money I'm spending on a fetish instead of saving, or whatever.

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    The bus is school transport. Its a system that gets offered for people that can't drive and live far from anything.

    Nope. My friends are all online in other parts of the country. The one I have around here doesn't know and would totally open the box and laugh at me.

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