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Thread: The feeling of a soaked wet and really thick diaper

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    Default The feeling of a soaked wet and really thick diaper


    When did you accept the feeling that a soaked wet and really thick diaper feels much better to wear than a new and fresh one?

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    I'd say that's far less a universal truth than a subjective preference and something that also varies by circumstance. Sometimes wet is nice and thick can be good, although I often find thinner diapers more comfortable. I think I'd say the DL side of me has a lot of different ways to enjoy diapers or diaper states.

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    I agree with Trevor, sometimes thick and wet is fine and other times not, sometimes a break from cathing and diaper changing is in order and I'll sink a foley and wear a bag instead, alot had to do with how you feel over all , even ICDL need a break sometimss.

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    I think I liked it the first time I ever tried a thick diaper. Don't remember when that was but I know it was a Dry 24/7 I tried and at that time it was the thickest one I ever tried. Now though I am more used to Rearz which is the thickest one I have ever tried and those feel great when soaked. So I think its safe to say I am a big fan of soaked and thick diapers.

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    Gotta love a premium ABDL nappy absolutely soaked through, and sagging lots

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