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    Having read the posts asking if people wore underpants over their nappies got me wondering. I have never been happy with the closeness of the fit of any nappy I use. I have tried underpants over them and have found they helped, but on looking around thought i would try the stretch net pants that are desinged to hold pads close to the body.
    The results are excellent, at the moment i am using Space Nappies xl and over them Molipants xl. All very comfortable.

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    What's the material composition of those net pants? I usually wear a Jockey Pouch Brief over my diaper, which is 3% spandex, but would consider trading up for something even stronger.

    BTW, I tried something different when I went out tonight. I wrapped a thin piece of duct tape over the bottom tapes on my Abena M3 (cloth) and nearly around my whole body. It definitely helped keep the diaper from stretching out of shape.

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    Those net pants used to be included in the bag with the "belted undergarments" when they were popular, you are still better off buying a couple onesies they are stronger more durable and support your diaper in the proper places which will generally result in an increase in absorbency because your diaper will do its job better. Net pants will keep the diaper closer but not give it the support it truly needs and take very little time to lose there shape providing no benefit and causing you to spend more money on net pants.

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    "What's the material composition of those net pants?" They are 85% Polyester, 15% Elastan. They are very lightweight and soft. they can be washed at 60 0c and so far are holding up well to use.

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    Something else i have noticed when wearing the net pants, they give you a thin layer of cloth over the plastic of the nappy and helps stop that plastic rub that can get uncomfortable between the legs.

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