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Thread: Sterilising tablets

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    Default Sterilising tablets

    I have a cold and I bought some sterilising tablets so I can clean them when I have a cold or if I get one off the streets before I use it.

    Does anybody else clean their pacifiers in sterilising solution? How often do you do that? I just think when I have a cold is reasonable

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    I've recently started using Tommee Tippee sterilising wipes on mine.

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    I bought Milton sterilising tablets that you use in cold water

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    i just use good ol soap an water

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    If I have a cold or I am sick, I think it's a good idea, plus it gives the baby feel seeing them get sterilised and coming back all clean and mank free

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    I just use antibacterial soap and water before each use

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    Microwaving it will kill any germs, just don't do it long enough to melt it.

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    I would think that just a through wash would be enough even with a cold.

    Unless you have some medical issue, then it may pay to be extra careful.

    I would think adults with a normal immune system shouldn't have any problems with just a through wash.

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    I just mean get the germs off, I have no medical condition that says I have, just think it may get rid of my cold faster to get rid of the germs that were on my pacifier

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