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Thread: How come I havn't gone through many diapers?

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    Default How come I havn't gone through many diapers?

    I went on vacation and I found that I have not been through as many diapers as I do at home, I only went through 2-3 diapers on vacation a day and at home I go through 5-7 diapers a day! What's going? I have been drinking every 2 hours but I must confess I have used the toilet a few times as I couldn't bring myself to mess in somebody else's flat!

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    Sweat. You're probably more active than you are at home, so more of the fluid is leaving via your skin. If the air is fairly dry, you may never notice because it evaporates quickly.

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    I was still in England though. I have not been anywhere hot

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    Doesn't have to be all that hot to sweat. As any cross-country skier. That's always my problem with fall marathons. Start sweating and freeze my *** off.

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    I think it might be just as well. You wouldn't want to get caught by your family with having diapers. You've probably been busy doing other things which can divert your thoughts away from diapers.

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    I think Maxx has the right of it. If you're drinking normally but going less, that means a different level of activity is making you sweat it out. Also, just a couple trips to the potty can make a diaper last a lot longer, since that's easily a couple more hours in the same diaper and in turn your next diaper will last longer too.

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