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Thread: First time in public in diapers

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    Well I just went out for the first time in my little just for big babies like me diapers. I wore Abina m4s and I loved it. No one could really tell, but I feel so much more confident in myself than I ever have before. No one cared. I sat down and had breakfast at the beach for an hour reading. half way through I realized that my shirt had ridden up so I tucked it down.

    On the way back while waiting for the crosswalk to change I made an oopsie into my diapers and no one noticed.

    I actually think this was a great form of therapy for shame/anxiety around getting caught. It doesn't really matter because people have other things to think about. At first every snicker I thought was about me, but it wasn't because no one could tell.

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    It's all good from there on. Enjoy your new freedom my friend!

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