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Thread: Wetting underwear with diaper over it

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    Default Wetting underwear with diaper over it

    This seems like an odd idea, but has anyone tried wetting underwear while wearing a diaper OVER the underwear? The idea just occurred to me and it seems like it would be interesting to try.

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    I did this recently just to add a little more kink to my diaper wearing. The only problem with this is youbwill guaranteed have a leak after one or two heavy wettings. I wore basic white briefs underneath an m4 and as the leg bands of my briefs got soaked it spilled over the leg bands of my diaper causing a wet spot to appear on my jeans. I was stupid enough to try this at a concert with my friends. When I noticed the wet spot starting to appear I had to stop wetting obviously. For the rest of the night when I had to pee I would go into the bathroom stall, take my jeans down and sit on the toilet and pee so any leaks would go into the toilet and not on my pants.

    So, in conclusion this is something that can be fun but I would suggest doing it at home. Plus since there is no reason to do this it means you just want to have some kinky fun, which is cool, but it should probably be done in private.

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    I know that some people put washcloths or other cloths into disposables to make them feel more like cloth diapers, so it's pretty much the same idea, right? I think the important thing would to be to make sure that all of the cloth is INSIDE the diaper otherwise you're gonna have some pretty major leaks.

    If you do try it, come back and tell us how you like it. It might be worth a try if you do.

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    GoodNites used to suggest this if users were having a hard time knowing when they were wet.

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    I'd just wear cloth diapers if extended contact with wetness was the feeling I was after. There's nothing about it that appeals to me as a concept, so I don't think I'll be trying it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nobodyknows View Post
    This seems like an odd idea, but has anyone tried wetting underwear while wearing a diaper OVER the underwear? The idea just occurred to me and it seems like it would be interesting to try.
    Yes, and as mentioned above; you'll want to ensure every bit of the cloth underwear, is inside the diaper... you'll get some major wicking to the outside otherwise... also, as noted (unless you were wanting to combine the wetting underwear specifically), I think that wash-cloths *perhaps baby wipes for all disposable*, would deliver as far as wet sensation goes. Heck, put a cloth diaper inside... if you don't have plastic pants especially...

    During puberty *what a weird time*, I used to put on several pair of underwear and, wet those...

    Try your idea out, nobodyknows... let us know what you experience...

    For now,

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    I've done it for an extra wet feeling. I kind of like it-in fact I might do it tonight now that I'm thinking about it. I keep a couple pairs of tighty whities around specifically for wetting.

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    I've done it under a cloth diaper I guess because when I was a kid, I would purposely wet a pair of underwear when I didn't have any diapers. I suppose it's reliving the kink aspect of that, back when I was 14 and older.

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    I have done it with a pair of men's string bikini underwear. Stays fully inside the diaper. To my mind it gives me a bit of that cloth diaper feeling. I have also used a washcloth as a doubler in my disposable. I think the washcloth provides the feeling better than wearing undies under a diaper. Both are a very nice feeling though.

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