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Thread: XP Medical no longer discreet

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    Default XP Medical no longer discreet

    Whatever changes XP Medical has recently made, have left shipments no longer discreet. On the outside of the box I ordered right after their redesign were the following:

    - Midastate Medical Supply
    - XP Medical

    and worst of all:
    - an external packing list with all of the contents in detail

    I'm glad I decided to have this one delivered to the FedEx store for the first time. Got lucky there.

    So order with caution.

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    I had an order arrive within the past 2 weeks and it was fine. Plain brown box, nothing incriminating on the label, same discreet packaging as always.


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    I have learn t over the years no one cares what packages come.

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    Thats not good! Going to call them on Monday and find out whats going on since the cornerstone of XP is discreet shipping and this new revelation is a slap in that promise to us who order from them. Guess the move to Arkansas is coming with issues sadly .

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    One has to wonder if they (XP) have been bought out by another company,this type of crap is usually what happens during a buyout and I dont think Gary Evans is the type person to do his customers in this manner... just a thought

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    Did you ever think that it was like that because you had to send it to the fedex place. I just got an order from them and it was the same as always. When it goes to fedex like that they need to have the description and everything so that fedex can be sure to get the right package to you and such.

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    Sounds like XP Medical may have been taken over by Preferred Medical (aka LiveAnew) of Arkansas, same as Caregiver Partnership. I see Preferred brand products on XP site. I wonder if Gary is still involved in XP?

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    I've been speculating that they've been bought out. I'm a very regular customer, and Gary has always handled correspondence personally, it seems like he's not anymore. I get mine shipped to my apartment, and while it doesn't matter to me whether it's "discreet" or not(I'm disabled, and it takes a real asshole to question that, lol) my last shipment all came in standard Abena cases and not the plain brown ones they used to.

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