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Thread: Trouble using my tongue for talking.

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    Default Trouble using my tongue for talking.

    Weird thing that I have been noticing lately, when I talk, my tongue doesn't work quite right half the time(edit: not really half, but often), it's been going on for the last week. I am questioning if it is related to all of the bottle feeding and pacifier use I do. I'm not overly concerned, but it makes talking really weird. Anybody notice difficulty using your tongue for speech after a lot of bottle and pacifier use?
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    You're too young for this but I would be concerned about having a mini stroke. If it persists, you should see a doctor.

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    I'm not really into dummies/bottles, but I've not heard of anything like that before.

    It could also be myasthenia gravis, so I'd suggest getting checked out. Or at least stop using the dummies/bottles to see if it persists.

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    A stroke test: Check to see if you smiles crooked. Stand on one foot with your arms out in front.

    Its hardto say without see te nature of the speech impediment. Lisps andthings could easily be the pacifiers. Slurring is more like strokes.

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    Fankly I cant use binkies or bottles much because they hurt my mouth a lot for days afterward. I had crooked teeth a lot and im not going to again.

    If theyve moved your teeth and your tongue isnt adapted to it it could mess with your speech but it would not be intermitant.

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    That stroke test bit scared me for a second, it is because my face is a bit lop-sided.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    You're too young for this but I would be concerned about having a mini stroke. If it persists, you should see a doctor.
    Yeah, I kinda wondered about that, but I am pretty young for that kinda thing. You never know though, people get weird things when they are young pretty often it seems, or we are just more aware of it.

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    It could be just how your brain functions. There are certain words I have to enunciate deliberately otherwise I slur the consonants.

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    You know I didn't even think about it. Is it possibly just a stutter? I have one and it comes and goes based on my stress levels.

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    New and different sensation makes me a tad worried, though personally I'd jump to something like an allergy or infection causing swelling before I'd go to stroke. But if it's a problem that's annoying and it persists for a while, you might consider making a doctors appointment to get it checked out. It's like one afternoon of annoyance to either lay the problem to rest or catch something as soon as possible, so good either way.

    I don't do pacifiers, bottles, or thumb sucking, so I can't comment too much on the main issue, but I do make small word mispronunciations all the time when I talk too fast, so I don't consider it a big deal unless you're specifically feeling like this is a new and weird thing, in which case try changing up your routine, monitor it, and if it doesn't go away, see a doctor.

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    Well fortunately, I haven't noticed it happen recently. It might have just been some type of weird reaction.

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