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Thread: I told my nana

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    Default I told my nana

    Well... It went better than expected, nana was a bit quiet but before I told her, I was making out how well I was doing in my studies and that I was meeting a couple of friends. She seemed pleased with me and especially the fact that I confided in her and trusted. It got a big weight off my shoulders but I wasn't sure if she completly got what I was saying. She was glad that I could look after the little cusions well.

    Speaking of cusions I had fun with them and I could be a real kid, I played tea party with me and everyone liked my new hairstyle!

    I took my diapers and hid them in bathroom storage but guess what!? I found a packet of wipes and nappy bags in there! I didn't take any though, she might question where they have gone. Nobody went through my bag or anything because it was so well hidden. I got it back in the end but near when my dad was about to pick me up I snuck my diaper bag into the downstairs closet where people put their coats, one of the cusions went in there but she didn't notice it thank god! That was close!

    And speaking of close this happened whilst I was out! My dad said my coat was old and he went through my things and got my coat to show his mate who said I needed a new coat. My diapers was in the bags but concealed but I also had a dirty diaper in a trash bag in the bag my coat was in and he never mentioned anything about my nappies. It just happened to of been at the top of one of my bags I had! That was close!! I am safe!

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    Sounds close!! Glad it went well

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    I know the whole trip went better than expected!

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