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Thread: taking your studies to work.

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    Cool taking your studies to work.

    Hi everyone.

    I take my Stuffie Peter Rabbit to work. But he stays in my bag with my spare Diapers. And he come out if I doing a sleep over at work.

    Or he stays at home if I am on a day shift.

    But I have seen this.

    So do you take your studie to school/collage/work with you. ?

    Do your colleagues know about it?

    I have to take Peter becouse some of me colleagues like to give him a hug. And feel his hear beat.

    Just give a grown up permission to play and they will do. Well most of them will do.

    Hee, hee


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    Interesting article. If I was brave enough and had to manage stress, I would consider it, otherwise personally I don't think I could do it. I would love to have my stuffed animal Tadd with me though, I just don't think I would be able to deal with the social awkwardness of breaking people into the idea that Tyger doesn't leave home without his stuffy.

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    I take my little teddy bear Mr. Bear to work with me everyday. He stays on my desk and comforts me when I need it. I'm sure that the people that work around me are used to him by now. The way I figure is if they don't like it what can they do. No one in history has gotten fired, especially when they do better than most at their job, simply because they are a little weird. Let's just face it, we are beginning to live in the type of world where you are getting ever closer to being who you want to be and no one really cares. Then again I live on the east coast in America where we have always been a little bit more liberal than most. I can only imagine it's harder for those down south where they are very judgemental.

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    I take my 3DS with me and that is more socially acceptable than a stuffed animal. Most people's comforts are their phones. They can't leave without them, they always need their phones with them, even at work on their job than in their locker or in their purses. But yet I leave my 3DS in my purse at work.

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    Cool I should take snuggles more often to college with me! I just feel him in my bag

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    I might put a stuffie in my bag, it would have to be a small one though.. because I get really stressed at work! I take bunny to my daddies house though! and I use to keep a paci in my pocket before I lost my happy!

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