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    This has probably been said before, but after the Abu buyout a few years ago I am so impressed with the direction this company has taken. In a matter of no time they have set themselves apart from competition in the abdl market by puttting (im sure) a huge amount of money into their A&D. You can see this as before ABU had a few products but immediately after the buyout they not only improved upon already existing products, but began to roll out tons of test experimental diapers that have finally given the abdl communtiy something supremely lacking before: options. I don't think every release has been a homerun but how fun is it each time they unveil a new product. This company I feel like listens to their customers more than any other company and tests out products that actually serve well to niche markets. Comparing the latest release from Abu versus tykables for instance they imo hit such a homerun with these preschool diapers vs the future pleather diaper from tykables, which is still targeting such a small market of people that its hard for me to see how they make any profits. I put my first playschool on this morning and i just am in wonder of how how great the feel, look and fit are. It's just so reminiscent of real diaper for potty training ages. I just wanted to throw this shout out to Abu because i actually wish more comapnies in the world would work like they do. Spend some money to put out products that people are actually wanting, and also try and make something we didn't know we wanted. If they were publically traded I would pick up a buttload of their stock. Keep up the great work, because I feel like its without question that ABU has set themselves aside as the premier abdl diaper provider.

    This may seem like advertising but I have no connection with the company. I'm just super excited about the direction our kink is going and want to call out the people that are helping make that happen.

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    I think a lot of users on this site over estimate how much market share is taken by ABs. Tykables should get some credit for making products for a diverse community. You talk about providing options for the ABDL community but not everyone wants to wear baby prints or medical diapers. It's great to say that ABU is doing a fantastic job providing for their customers but don't put down Tykables because their new release wasn't made especially for you.

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    Modern ABU are fabulous, I am very grateful to them as well and think they deserve lots of shout outs!

    I really liked the Snuggies Waddler and look forward to trying their Tykables overnights and white ones when re-released. I really cringe at the Pleather but hope this works out for those fabulous people behind Tykables.

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