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Thread: What book are you reading?

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    Default What book are you reading?

    The last "what are you reading?" apparently timed out and closed, so time to start it up again.

    I'm almost finished with Warriors 3, third in a series of short story anthologies featuring various sci-fi, fantasy, and mystery authors, edited by George R.R. Martin (Game of Thrones)

    I'm in the middle of a story by Diana Gabaldon, noted for her Outlander series of books (also now a popular TV series). A historical drama and time travel fantasy set mostly in late 18th century UK and America.

    Of note for gay members, this particular story features Lord John Grey, a major supporting (and gay) character in Outlander, and main character in Gabaldon's spinoff Lord John series. If you like to identify with the hero in that way, this might be a good choice for you.

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    Alternately, I've always felt the way Lackey handles Vanyel in the Last Herald-Mage trilogy was well done and relatable.

    Currently, I'm alternating between Small Favor, Fahrenheit 451, and Guns, Germs,and Steel. The later two are for schoolwork.

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    Beatles Gear by Andy Babiuk. Coffee table tome that traces all the different instruments used by the Beatles. Lot's of trivia as well.

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    Differential Equations: An Introduction to Modern Methods and Applications. It's a bit dry (no pun intended).

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    I'm reading two books at the same time. The first book is "The Unwanteds" by Lisa McMann, a book that my grandchildren and their parents are reading. It's similar to The Hunger Games and it's pretty good.

    The other book is "Toms River", a book about the town in New Jersey where I grew up. Toms River, thanks to Ciba/Geigie is now the cancer capitol of the United States. My mom worked for Ciba and died of breast cancer. Every fourth person on our street had cancer. Her boss died of cancer and the president of Ciba's young son died of cancer when I was in high school with his older brother.

    The book is a frightening read as Toms River has been compared to New York's Love Canal. I suppose I'm living on borrowed time.

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    Jules Verne - "Around the World in 80 Days"

    I was out on the patio the other day enjoying what remains of nice weather and Warriors 3 on my ancient Kobo reader (I have a more modern tablet, but I like the old display on this for reading purposes, and the battery life is far better). Finished warriors and didn't feel like going inside to connect to the library, so I rummaged around in the stuff I had originally dragged over from Gutenberg in case of emergency. Didn't get past the "A's" when I realized I had never read this classic.

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    "Stories Of Your Life and Others" by Ted Chiang. It's a collection of short sci-fi stories, one of which is being turned into a movie:

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