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Thread: Are flooded diapers more comfortable?

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    Default Are flooded diapers more comfortable?


    Most of the people that have incontinence and wear diapers feel more uncomfortable the more flooded the diaper is and after they have pee in it for only one or two times they change it. How many times do you flood your diapers and do you feel more comfortable with a flooded diaper than a new and fresh one?

    I have that opinion that disposable diapers are pretty expensive and to get the most out of the money Iīve spent for them I flood every tiny square millimeters of them or at least 30 times depending on how thick it is. If I have extra booster pads in my diapers I flood them even more maybe up to 60 times. They donīt feel any wet at all just swollen and even thicker than before and I donīt care at all about this. When I do any activities I just try to forget how many times I have flooded my diapers. This is a part of my fetish to flood the diapers as much as possible.

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    When I put on a diaper and plastic pants I feel comfortable. When I wet the diaper I'm glad that the plastic pants contain the wetness. When I get up to walk and my diaper feel heavy and starts to sag, the rocking motion of the diaper doesn't feel comfortable, and I need to change it

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    The best feeling to me is a diaper completely saturated, unfortunately a diaper in that state can only be worn a short time. i love the sag of the diaper between my legs, i love how it's weight gently pulls down on my plastic panties and i can feel the leg bands stretching, and of course the warmth and squishiness is amazing. This puts me in a quandary at each change as i want to extend the time in a diaper like that, but i do not want to leak.

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    As an observation: flooding for ABDLs generally refers to significant rapid urination. It sounds like what you're talking about is getting full use out of a diaper or saturation.

    I don't feel the need to go often, so I usually hold and flood to whatever degree when I'm wearing. A lot of the time I'm wearing thinner diapers (discretion and preference), so after a good wetting, one of those is likely done. If it's a thicker one. I do prefer to get something like full use out of it but it's ultimately more dependent on external factors, like when it's convenient to change, what I'm planning to do, how long I've been wet, etc.

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    depends on the diaper and what I'm doing, if at home watching something on an underpad and I don't want to get up it can be comfortable. If I'm out in my car and have several episodes of wetting and I'm beginning to get worried its going to leak on my pants then no, it's nerve wracking.

    Some diapers that hold together and don't clump apart its kind of like sitting on a memory foam pillow, only wet diapers that break apart it feels like being stuck in a trash bag filled with water and wet tissues.

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    If like a diaper gets completely flooded for me, definitely yes I love wet diapers. I'll probably stay in it as long as I can, maybe do some other stuff in it , maybe try to wet a little more, and when it gets to the point of falling off, I'll change. I just love having a wet diaper honestly, but with goodnites, you can only flood it so much till it leaks.

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    full diapers are not terribly uncomfortable but dry diapers are almost most comfortable.

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    A hyper capacity diaper is most comfortable for me after 2 wettings. I like the feel of the weight and squishyness that kind of molds to the shape of my body. also, its warm. but once I can feel it wet against my skin, GROSS, and it gets changed.

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    Sleeping in dry diapers/training pants are comfy and soft and warm

    Wet/flooded diapers are exciting! especially when they sag from all the tinkles! LOL

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