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Thread: I had an accident yesterday.

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    Default I had an accident yesterday.

    So... long story here... but 100% true.

    As many of you may know I've been wearing diapers in the daytime on a regular basis for some time now. Well, yesterday for whatever reason I decided not to.

    It wasn't really a problem at work... the bathroom is close by so if I need to go I can... I'd rather not b/c I think the toilets are filthy... but if not diapered it's not like I have a choice in the matter. I drink a lot of water during the daytime to keep healthy and well hydrated (packing and tossing boxes is hot work) so I have to go fairly often... every 2-3 hours.

    Anyways... things were going along fine until 4:00 hit. We got really busy and I didn't have a chance to get to the potty b/c I have to be out on the dock when our trucks arrive to pick up... which all happens between 4:00 and 5:30.

    By 4:30 I needed to go pretty badly... but it had to wait. I managed to hold out till 5:30 when we closed up shop... it had been an hour... its typically a 15 minute drive home... so I figured "no problem" and locked up without going to the bathroom.

    I got out to the car... and made it about 5 minutes down the road before traffic ground to a halt... great. There was some big wreck up ahead blocking all lanes... noone was going anywhere... and I couldn't turn around. I waited for about 20 minutes... and still traffic showed no signs of motion... I knew I had to do something soon or things were gonna get wet in a hurry.

    By some miracle I had left my backpack with extra diapers in it (from a road trip last weekend) in the back seat. I knew my only option at this point was to get one of those diapers on and hope it would handle the contents of my bursting bladder.

    Now I don't know if any of you have tried it... but putting a diaper on while sitting behind the wheel of a small car is no easy task. Thankfully I have tinted windows and wasn't directly beside another vehicle... so I don't think anyone saw.

    I got my jeans down easily enough... but for quickness' sake I decided to just put the diaper on over my cotton briefs and deal with the results when I got home. Once I was all taped up and had gotten my pants back up I tried to relax and act normal... but I found that I couldn't let go.

    Well by this time traffic had finally started to move some... crawling along at 10-15mph... I still wasn't going to make it home dry. After about 5 more minutes my body pretty much took over and I started wetting.

    It's a wierd sensation peeing through normal underwear and into a diaper. You feel like you are wetting your pants... but your pants don't get wet. By some miracle the diaper (a cheap-o Kendall Wings) contained it all and I was able to finish my trip in relative comfort.

    My lesson learned from this: Either diaper to work (which I am today), or make sure to go before I leave from now on... and always keep a spare diaper in the car... just incase.

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    thats must have hurt holding it that long and still working. i've never held it long enough to have an accident, so i don't really know how it feals. as a kid though, i use to hold it for hours on end just because i was too lazy to go. eventually, my bladder got so strong i only need to go twice a day, and i still drank a healthy ammount. its weaker now, but im still afraid that i can hold it back to a dangerous point befor i have an accident. i know that if i do hold it pritty long now that my kidnees hurt after i do go.

    and your so lucky you had a diaper in your car. i wouldn't have.

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    I attribute my decreased bladder control solely on my wearing diapers so much. But... as the saying goes... "ya gotta pay to play"

    Everything is a trade-off...

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    ...Wow. I'm never gonna get the kind of job where you're always busy like this. o.o
    At least you didn't wet your pants. :/

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    there are a lot of jobs like this... good luck finding one that's not...

    of course being the only one actually doing the job adds its own set of difficulties.

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    I've learned to never drink coffee just before going into a long meeting. But honestly, I'm not sure what it would take for me to have a real accident. I have a hard time even wetting a diaper unless I really concentrate on it, so I think I'd have to really be a desperate situation for a long time to have an accident.

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    Eek, I try to avoid coffee before going into work. It just goes straight through me and I'm running off to the bathroom every hour or so.

    As for holding it, the longest I've ever had to hold it for was a 3 hour drive from up north. I was coming back from a school-camp, and stupid me drank a lot of water before leaving. 15 minutes into the trip, I had to pee really bad, but I knew there were no stops on the way. So I'm holding it for the longest time, on a bus with people who I wouldn't dare wet myself in front, unless I wanted to be reminded of it for the rest of my life. When we finally did get back, I ran straight to the toilet... it was the most intense feeling of relief I've ever felt, so much so that I still had a little tingling sensation an hour after. The experience was horrible.

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    I have a strong bladder actually, i can hold in 3-4 hours while i am at school and it doesn't really hurt or cause me to have a accident. I know its unhealthy for me, but i hate those restrooms. *shudders at the thought*

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    There was one time I was at some festival with my grandparents...Back when my bladder was at it's best...And they hadn't actually brought the porta-pottys until like 3 hours after it started....Well we were in the first bunch there and I had to go before I got there a little bit (after a long trip), expecting to have somewhere to go...but just nowhere to go. Most people had campers and stuff, but we just came in the car to stay for the evening instead of the weekend. I was lucky this wasn't a time when my bladder was acting up on me...but I could actually feel things spasming by the time they'd arrived. I did make it...but I was doing what my mom calls the "pee-pee dance" for a while. lol.

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    The Last Time I had an accident was in first grade. Now, I have an extemley strong bladder and have been able to hold for up to 6 hours. Who knows? Maybe it's because I have very active saliva glands so most of the water I drink ends up as spit.

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