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    I was recently playing out a scenario while diapered about what if I was caught. What would I do and how would my diapered/ babied experience change. If many of you don't already know I live with my father and I don't think that I would ever get the courage to go up to him and tell him that I love to wet and mess diapers occasionally. However what I thought of was, what if I staged it so that I would intentionally get caught instead of telling him. Although I still probably would never do it but If I set up a diaper that I took off and left in in plain sight in my room and if he ever came in my room he'd see the diaper and question me then I would tell him the truth. But straight up telling him I don't think I can. So if I was to ever share my secret to someone I know or that i'm related to I think that would be the way I do it for the first person. Eventually in the future someone will find out and I don't want them to come up to me with one of my diapers in hand and asking why I have them. Any Ideas?

    There was this one time where I slept in my diaper and I overslept for work so I threw off my diaper which was still clean. Without thinking I didn't re-hide the diaper I left it in the open. I get to work only to realize that I did not have my work ID that scans me into the building. My ID was in my room in a spot not far from where the diaper ended up after I threw it. At work It hit me "did I remember to re-hide my diaper?" after I realized that I left it I nearly freaked out. I thought " did my dad find my diaper?" When I got home, he didn't say anything about a diaper at that point I assumed that he knew and was just waiting for a good time. After dinner I walk into my room and see my diaper just laying on the floor thankfully it was partially hidden under my recliner but I could still see it clearly. After that I thought that he did not see it and I haven't heard anything about diapers from him to this day.

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    I think it's a good idea to plan ahead, but also to keep your ABDL side on a "need to know" basis. Don't volunteer any more than necessary, which in this case means not saying a word.

    When I was 14, I went through many months of wet dreams until I figured out how that all worked. My dad never had the sex talk with me and I had no older brother or friends I felt comfortable discussing it with. We go on vacation that summer to visit relatives and stay in a motel. During one of those nights it strikes, and I get up in the middle of the night to lightly rise my underwear and put on a new pair. The next morning, my mom scolds at me for putting wet underwear back in the suitcase. But I was amazed (and still am) that she never asked me why they were wet. Moral of the story: your dad may see the diaper and still not say anything.

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    I agree with the "need to know" basis. Since you feel it would be a bad idea to tell your dad, I think you should go with your gut feeling. When my mom found my "stuff" I assumed she told my dad, especially since she was sending me to a psychiatrist. He never mentioned it though, and I just acted like it never happened. What I did do was get a job and move out of the house, after I graduated from college.

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    Thanks. This is what I have always liked about this community. Everyone here is very supportive usually no matter what it is. I also left out a part of the little story that happened to me. Anyway when I got to work I realized I didn't have my ID and had to get my dad to bring my ID to me which was in my room close to my diaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cd158 View Post
    I don't think that I would ever get the courage to go up to him and tell him that I love to wet and mess diapers occasionally.
    You wouldn't tell him that though. If the conversation were to happen for some reason (it's best if it doesn't), you'd say that you have a diaper fetish and leave it at that. There's no need to go into the gory details and specifics of what all is involved with having it.

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