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Thread: Admitted to the sales clerk I was buying for myself

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    Default Admitted to the sales clerk I was buying for myself

    Due to lack of viable shipping options, I don't buy online, but from a pharmacy. I don't get the opportunity to have diapers very often, and when I do, I like the Molicare Mobile pull ups. I haven't had any for months, but yesterday I had the correct combination of disposable income and an empty house, so I decided that the time was right.
    I drove to a pharmacy a few suburbs away, where I've got them before, but when I went in, I was the only customer. I went to the usual spot, but the store layout had changed and they weren't there. As I'm looking around, the clerk behind the counter, a middle aged lady, approached me, asking if I needed help.
    Now I'm not into humiliation at all, but nor am I exactly shy either.
    "Incontinence supply's?" I said.
    She led me to a new aisle, and there they were, but no Molicare ones.
    "Is this what you're after?" She asked.
    "Not exactly. I'm looking for Molicare pull ups,' I said.
    She pointed to a higher shelf, and there they were, but small and medium size only.
    Without even thinking about what I was saying, I asked, 'Do you have any large or extra large? The mediums don't fit me properly.'

    As soon as the words were out of my mouth, I could've dug a hole, and crawled into it.

    God bless her, she didn't bat an eye. She went out to the back store room, leaving me red faced in front of the pharmacist, and returned with a pack of both large and extra large.
    I chose the XL, and as I'm paying, she remarked, 'I hope you don't mind me asking, but how bad is your problem? Are you seeing anyone about it? Because we have an incontinence support service."
    Thinking quickly, I basically lied through my teeth. "No thanks. I don't really have a bad problem, but sometimes I wet the bed if I drink to much alcohol, and I'm going to a wedding on the weekend, and staying in a hotel, so these are just in case."
    I could feel my cheeks glowing with heat by now.
    But like a true professional, she didn't push it, just wished me luck and said she hoped I had a good time.

    I have a feeling that I may need to find a new pharmacy next time though.

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    Why they know you buy there and will never say a word again .
    You will not have to break in a new place just go with the flow.
    I dont care any more so many are IC it doesn't matter.

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    If you wouldn't be embarrassed talking to the clerk about test strips for a glucose meter, you have no reason to be embarrassed taking about incontinence products. They are both medical issues, and as far as the clerks know, that's what you have. Try to internalize this (i.e. role play) for your next trip and you'll be fearless.

    Edit: And be grateful you can buy Molicare anything locally. In the US it's typically all Depends and lousy store brands.

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    I absolutely hate dealing with store clerks when buying diapers, I usually go to the self checkout if there is one but if not I try to keep conversations to a minimum. However I play out scenarios in my head before I buy. For example if the clerk said something or asked "who are these for" or something like that I would say depending on the type of diaper (I usually use baby diapers or training pants). If I was buying training pants I'd say I have to babysit my nephew and he's still potty training. If I was buying diapers it would be the same thing but that he is not potty trained. Now if it was goodnites or something like that I'd say the same but that he is a bedwetter.
    If i ran into someone that actually knows me or my family I would come clean and tell them as i'm digging myself into a hole.

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    I tell med supply people all the time its me looking for the products, even why I prefer plastic backed... they're professionals not people you meet in the pub, they won't follow you home and say this to you in front of your friends and family "Sir we have a sale on diapers this week".

    I can garuntee you chances are you'll get another sales clerk next time and even if you don't they won't remember or care that you are buying adult diapers.

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    I know you guys are quite right. Taking the nervous emotions out of it, of course I'll go there again. They have the diapers I want, and they are affordable.
    I have had the 'staying in a hotel/drunken bed wetting theme" pre-planned as a viable excuse for some time now, but I just never thought I'd actually have to use it! I've bought diapers numerous times from there,and other places as well, and I've never had to explain it before, and I really didn't have to then either.
    Admittedly, I probably didn't have to go as far as I did then, but I basically just panicked a bit, and blurted out more info than what was necessary.
    As I said, I'm just not into embarrassment or humiliation, although I understand that some people are, but I could've just bypassed the entire conversation with a bit of thought, but I panicked for some reason.
    I guess that with the pre-planned speech in mind, I was subconsciously ready to say something that didn't need saying in the grand scheme of things.

    But admittedly, there was no long term harm done, and considering the infrequent times of my purchases, I will shop there again.

    It was more a case of wanting to share a humouress experience with everyone.

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    I go to DMES Medical Supply on Magnolia and Atlanta in Fountain Valley in So Cal to buy my Abena diapers. I frequently have conversations with them regarding capacity, sizes, one brand vs the other, how long can you wear, etc... They are always most professional. Have never asked if I need or just want to wear. They have frequently given me a sample of two of other diapers to try out. Very good non-judgmental and professional sales help.

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