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Thread: Even the medium sized diapers are "too big" on me

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    Angry Even the medium sized diapers are "too big" on me

    It's annoying trying to jerry-rig a 3rd set of tapes using ductape to keep the elastic bands from lifting off. I found a link on google pointing to ABU's article saying they have small size now. But every diaper linked on the article doesn't have a small size. Is there any ab/dl themed or adult diaper that has a small size?

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    Try real baby diapers! Most of us only wish we had this problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamieboy View Post
    Try real baby diapers! Most of us only wish we had this problem.
    That's correct, most of us dream of wearing those. If you can your'e lucky!

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    Wow I'd kill to be too small for a medium. Right now I can barely squeeze into a medium, and I feel like I'm swimming in a diaper if I wear large. Wish there was something in between the two. But I digress; What you want to keep an eye out for isn't the "small" sized diapers, you want "youth" sized diapers. A quick amazon search for "youth diapers" yielded good results for me, and if you're smaller those should fit much better. Have you tried Goodnights? You don't just have to wear them at night...

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    Baby diapers and goodnites are a smudge too small too so I'm stuck in void size hell.

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    Youth size should fit you. They're not quite baby diapers and if you go on the larger scale they're bigger than goodnites

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    Abena S4 might be the answer for you. I wear them regularly, as I'm also between a small and medium. They don't have an AB/DL print, and only come in cloth-backed, unfortunately. They do hold a lot, and the tapes are incredibly sticky. I have a 32" waist, and I would say I have the S4 maxed out for size.

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    Not all diaper lines have them (Depend is notorious for stopping at Medium), but small sizes do exist. Attends goes small and even to "youth" size. Others do as well.

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    Have you tried Tranquility ATN? They’re available in small (24-32) as well as x-small (18-26 inches).

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    Tranquility even sent a few smaller sizes when I inquired once (Not for me, I'm a solid Medium to large). Give them a call and inquire.

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