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Thread: DryLife Slip vs IDSlip

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    Default DryLife Slip vs IDSlip

    Has anybody done a comparison? I've got some of both and they seem to be identical, but the IDSlip tapes often fail on me whilst the DryLife ones stay stuck!

    I prefer the design on the IDSlip, I like those colourful medical prints.

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    I love the Drylife nappies, they are perfect for me they have great smooth crinkly plastic, and very absorbent. My only gripe is I wish the padding at the back was a little higher and wider, If these came with some cute designs on them they would be awesome!!

    I too have both types of nappies and the ID slip are a little longer in length if you do a comparison and the plastic is slightly smoother, but the padding at the back of the ID's seems smaller in width.

    Both are great value for money and for me they make more sense to buy than the current AB style nappies out there, as these tend to be a lot higher in price and you get far less nappies for your money. I got 45 Drylife nappies for under 30 which is a bargain. I just jazz them up with some cute style diaper tape to make them baby like.

    I just hope they bring out some AB Style nappies then I'd be in nappy heaven lol.

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