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    ok so the thing is I am diaper lover or so I think. I don't understand why I feel so good about diapers and all but then I think I'm crazy and shouldn't be doing this. I don't want any of my friends to find out about this but I really like diapers. Please leave me some feedback down below. -R

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    I suspect everybody not wearing for need feels EXACTLY the same way. Or at least we did at some point. Concerning friends finding out, I'm much more okay with that today than I was years ago, and my sister and ex-boss already know. It's a confidence that grows with time about lots of things. There's nothing illegal or harmful about diapers...unless you count diaper rash. Lots of people keep their interest discrete, but otherwise if you think you like it, there's no reason to not give it a try. It will probably haunt you until you do.

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    Don't worry. If you want to give it a try, go ahead. I'm sure a lot of people don't quite understand why they're DL. But there's nothing wrong with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DLrvg View Post
    I don't understand why I feel so good about diapers
    A lot of people love to throw around pop psychology about imprinting at an early age or whatever, but there's really no hard scientific explanation. My pet theory is just that whatever part of the brain is responsible for attraction to certain things (you know how like some guys are really turned on by boobs, some by butts, some by legs, etc) just for whatever reason got crosswired into liking diapers instead of blonds or whatever. So if feel like you really need an explanation, just pick a working theory and run with it. If it helps any, most psychological literature sees fetishes as common and harmless, provided it doesn't adversely impact your day to day life in any significant way.

    Quote Originally Posted by DLrvg View Post
    I don't want any of my friends to find out about this but I really like diapers.
    There's no reason for your friends to find out if you're reasonably careful. Private browsing, don't leave webpages logged in or sitting open for someone to notice, and don't wear diapers around your friends if you're worried they'd notice. I've been actively wearing diapers for 8 years while living with family, and as far as I know none of them have ever found out or even suspected.

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    Yeah! What they all said! Its definitely a bit of an internal conflict until you realize theres no need for that internal conflict. I only know it from my point of view. I like rock climbing, backpacking around the world, getting lost, shootin big guns at stuff, working in the anxty alpha dominated film biz, getting involved in community projects, performing in front of thousands of people... Generally all sorts of badass or ecclectic things that dont seem like someone who "should" be into diapers. I had a brief period of hating myself and questioning if all that other crap was just me lying to myself. Then i realized were not scantly fasceted characters in a tv show. We dont have to justify our typecast. We dont need to be any kind of individual. One day my creative adventure loving self put down the welder and the lever action 45 and just gave my abdl side one big stupid hug. Now... were all good.

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