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    Sucking on a paci and said he looked stupid anther reason not tell my mom and dad

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    Yesterday i saw a high school girl walking home with a paci.

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    I have seen a couple teens with pacis (they're called "dummies" in the UK), but that was a couple years ago. They were with a few friends and they didn't seem to give a second thought about it, whilst all the other people on the bus were just plain silent.

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    I wouldn't go far to do that but I would if a lot of teens started doing it.

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    Camping near a river one day, and a man with his two daughters, approximately 8/9 and 12/13 comes walking along, and stopped to talk to me about how my fishing was going.
    The OLDER girl was openly sucking on a pacifier, leaving it in her mouth and not even trying to hide it. As I spoke with her dad, she kept openly looking at me, obviously trying to judge what my reaction would be.
    For the record, I ignored it.

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