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Thread: Something that has been picking my brain.

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    Default Something that has been picking my brain.

    Trying to figure out how a diaper can leak out the top when your sitting. It gets annoying. This even happened to my G/F on a long drive.

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    Totally possible!

    It's happened to me a few times when I've been in a sitting position and my nappy has been quite tight and I've had a fairly large accident. It almost seems like the liquid fills the nappy and will leak from the easiest place, which in my case is the top!

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    It happens to me sometimes. I guess leaks are all part of being incontinent.

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    Here too.
    Over the wicking capacity in the front half and no free flow to the back because you are squishing it by sitting on it.

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    Thanks for all the replies. Sounds like its common.

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    Strange. I've never leaked out of the top when sitting. :-/

    But if the guy getting arrested in this video is anything to go by, then, well... QED!

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    Happened to me a few times when I have flooded my nappy. Leaks are just part of being incontinent. I don't worry now and just deal with them when they happen.

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    There are a few reasons. The top of your diaper could have gotten folded out, exposing the padding. If that comes in contact with your shirts or pants then it will wick out the top. You could have it taped on too loose at the top too. Or maybe your diaper isn't fitted large enough to extend up to your waist line (near the belly button). If there isn't enough padding, and you point up, then you could literally flow right over the top. Lastly, you might also be using too thin of a diaper. If there isn't enough padding there to absorb a flood quickly, then that pool of urine will have to go somewhere. With sitting down, there is added pressure around your legs and the lower padding is being compressed so it has nowhere else to go and overflows over the top.

    Generally speaking, so long as you are using a diaper intended for large floods, and it is properly sized and secured on, then you should not be getting this problem. I'm well endowed, point up, and flood way too often. If I don't wear a large confidry or northshore then I'll get leaking over the top too. With them, thos problem never happens to me.

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    It's happened a few times, though not as often as it used to. When my parents handled my nappy changes when I was a kid (until I was about 13 or 14) it happened much more so I think it's something to do with them not taping them tightly enough, they also had a habit of getting nappies a little too big for me.

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