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Thread: extreme heat.

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    Default extreme heat.

    well, it's 30 degrees today roughly, which means hell for Jessica.

    reason being, room has no insulation, so it pretty much becomes a oven, and than I'm drenched in my own sweat, It's going to be like this until sometime march, and parent's were like oh yeah we will get you an aircoin, but now they don't want to. they have no fucking clue how hot it gets in here, and I'm pretty sure it's illegal to build a room without any form of insulation at all.

    I'm planning on sitting outside today, as It's going to be tons cooler outside and just sit on my laptop.

    do pretty much I'll be getting a aircoin in like march, which by then it's going to be useless, it gets so bad I can't even move without sweating to the point that I feel like I want to die, It's like living in a oven.

    I mean that it is so bad that, I cannot physical be in the room without wanting to die due to the extreme heat, even 20 degrees Celsius is unbearable.

    Opening doors and windows don't do nothing as the front is blocked anyway, and it never cools down including at night time resulting me in getting no sleep at all. so It's pretty much hot all day every day for at least 6 months.

    I've tired fans they don't do anything, dad keeps insisting to my mother not to get an aircoin It's driving me mental.

    Sorry, but I don't know how I can physical cope with this, this is one of the reasons that I feel suicidal all the time, as I kind of have to be in this room, but I can't really move out due to my mother hogging my money.

    hmm, what to do? It doesn't help that my mothers friend who doesn't know jack shit keeps saying that uninsulated rooms don't get that hot, and my mother and sister keep making out her room is hot, her room is freezing compared to mine.

    My walls are even very boiling hot to touch, it's pretty much like living in a shed in Australia, unbareable but worse since the room is directly built in the fucking sun.

    Mother is like, oh you can come inside if it's hot, eh what for the next fucking 6 months, hell no. she assumes just because I'm in there it can't be that hot, she also does the same when I have the flu or pneumonia she is like you can't have it if you're walking around, eh year I do but it's fucking hell.

    I've had times when I've been sent to the school with the flu, mother was thinking i was faking it, the amount of effort it takes just to stand up straight and not want to pass out.

    Another reasons, if I leave door open, bees and the whole world will see my diapers. so.. that's also not an option

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    It sounds like summer is hitting early for Australia. Here in Virginia it's getting cool as it's now fall. So what's an aircoin? Is that like a room air conditioner? My house has central air conditioning, something one needs when they live in the South.

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