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Thread: Anybody ever "really" caught...?

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    Default Anybody ever "really" caught...?

    A lot of people write threads about "what if I get caught" while wearing in public? Well, my question is, how many of you have actually been caught, and how was it presented to you that you were in fact caught.
    I am not asking about the people who wear in public and intentionally leave a waistband showing on purpose (or what ever they do...) to expose their fetish.
    Of you good members who wear in public and make a reasonable effort to conceal your padding (as most who wear in public do), how many of you ever were really caught?
    By whom? How were you notified? Details please.

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    I once had a man walk in on me when I was changing in a handicapped stall at the mall, with my shorts at my ankles and barrier cream all over my genitals. I'd noticed the door latch didn't work well, but hadn't expected anybody to make a beeline to the stall during the 5-7 minutes I needed. He stared at me for a few seconds and I said, "...Hi!". He closed the door and moved to the other stall, and then stunk up the bathroom a lot more than me. I put on my new diaper and left relatively fast.

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    Let me answer my own question...
    My answer is "never". In all the years I have worn in public I have never been called out for wearing a diaper. When I recently went to help my daughter with a roadside car issue I wore my Abena Abriflex M3 that had at least 3 good wettings in it. She never noticed nor said a thing. Given a reasonable amount of discretion, no one will ever likely notice you are wearing. And if the do, they are even less likely to call you on it.

    Be discrete and wear with confidence! Enjoy wearing the diaper in public!

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    I know two friends that have been caught out while wearing in public. I was not witness to the events but knowing them as I do, I have no reason to doubt or believe they were flaunting it. I have worn 24/7 for 6 and 7 month periods, so I've put in some extended time. Thankfully, I haven't had to deal with any questions, although accept it as a remote possibility.

    Overall, I think it's just luck of the draw between people and circumstance. My mother once quizzed me about crinkling when I was wearing just plastic pants as a kid. If it had been a diaper, I'd have surely been found out. In the adult world, few people who notice would say anything but there's always that small chance.

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    I agree with Trevor most will not say anything.

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    I could care less if someone finds out I'm diapered. Being compelled to wear a diaper is not by itself a sexual fetish, so the whole fetish exposure thing is complete bs. If that really is what it means to someone then that person should keep it in their bedroom. That's nit what it is for AB's or DL's thoug, and nit for me either. I neither go out of my way to show it, nor do I go out of my way to hide it. That said, you'll never see me walking down the sidewalk with my diaper exposed like some kids do with their underwear.

    Like the others have said, most people won't say anything if they do notice. Though I've found even when it is obvious they still don't notice most of the time. As a prime example, a couple of years ago I went to the beach to sunbathe. Of course being incontinent swimming shorts are not an option and my diaper had to stay on. I was there for almost an hour before only one person approached me and tried to make an indecent exposure comment of it. I was quick to point out his speedo was more revealing and lewd. The beach cops that were driving by at the time told the guy to leave me be or they'd arrest him for disturbing the peace. Not a thing was said about my diaper by the cops, but they did say have a nice day.

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    One real confrontation and one indirect.

    The indirect, I was changing in a bathroom with a single toilet, but instead of just having it be single occupancy there was a full stall built inside so you could use the sink while someone was using the toilet. After I started, someone came in and was waiting. Someone else tried to come in and Guy A says "Full House. Diaper change". They both left after that, and nobody was waiting outside the door when I was done.

    The direct, I was confronted at the International Mr. Leather contest in Chicago. I was wearing jeans, a tshirt. During one of the intermissions, I must have bent over and the shirt rode up because a random person came up and started talking about diapers since he'd seen mine. But, that's not exactly a public place...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tungsten View Post
    Someone else tried to come in and Guy A says "Full House. Diaper change".
    Wow. Guy A was quite knowledgeable and nonchalant.

    Edit: unless he was talking about himself.
    Last edited by depends4me; 06-Oct-2016 at 02:26.

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    I went to the store to pick up more diapers and I was squatted down to pick a bag when an employee came around the corner and said "do you need help finding something?" I said no and he popped up and said "just to let you know your diaper is showing." I was quite embarrassed.

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    Im usually vigilant with discretion. Long shirts, tucked in, muffling layers, etc. BUT First time i wore in public with my GF a week ago i wore a regular shirt and no muffling layers. we were in a store and id go for things on a high shelf just for the exhibitionist thrill of it. :P (I had just outed myself and was flying pretty high by then.)

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