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    The underjams question has to do with did they fix the issue of the sides where they connect to the front would tear after a couple of hours ?? I noticed they updated them that's why i ask

    The question is has anyone used them if so do your items come in plain boxes or how does it work with them ??

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    I can't speak to the Underjams question, but have bought from Jet a few times. I didn't understand their game until recently, basically trying to be another Amazon by stocking some items themselves and outsourcing other items to partners. My last order consisted of supplements, office supplies, and a movie. The first two came in a bright purple Jet-labeled box, but the movie came from Exactly what arrives will depend on either Jet's internal policies or the partner's policies. If you're buying less than a case, I don't think there's any reason for concern. For cases...err, yeah, I suspect only the better incontinence/medical suppliers make a commitment to unmarked boxes.

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