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    During my childhood, I suffered terribly from incontinence issues which therefore meant that I was often wearing nappies to prevent any further embarassment. The fact that I wore them regularly was fairly well accepted at home and the majority of my close family knew as the bin in the bathroom was normally full of my used nappies and it was quite obvious to see that I had protection on. I never really had any negativity from my immediate family regarding my issues, so I pretty much had quite a stress free childhood and teenage life at home thankfully!

    However, Issues used to arise when distant family or family friends used to visit our house and inevitably say to my mum things like "We didn't know you had a baby in the house" or "Isnt Slip92 too old to be wearing nappies still" when they noticed them in the bathroom or the fact that my trousers were bulging a bit. These instances really used to distress me and I'm fairly certain that it's led to me now in later life outright telling some people about my pad usage.
    From a young age I was capable of changing my pads myself and routinely did so during school and when out and about. Despite trying my hardest, it was sometimes difficult to be discreet in certain situations- I.e when at a childminders or youth club, where I would inevitably have to sneak around to take a new pad to the bathroom with me and somehow dispose of my used one. I vividly remember using my pad quite heavily (wet and bm) when at my childminders and her really having a go at me because of the smell- this really upset me, especially as she knew I couldn't help it!

    I'd be interested to hear other people's perspectives and experiences surrounding incontinence and family members!

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    I... haven't told any of my family members about my bladder problems :X

    My family is great, supportive, and all that... but I'm just, I guess... scared they'll think of me different. You know, always asking about how I'm doing in relation to it. My cousin does know, as he's spent some time with me at conferences and such where we had to split a hotel room, and he doesn't mention anything of it. My girlfriend of course also knows (impossible to keep that a secret even if I wanted to, lol), and she kids that she's gonna tell my mom on me. I guess I'll get around to it some time.

    It's a bit awkward as they did find diapers I had stashed before I had become IC (and was just a DL), and sent me to a psychologist when I was much younger, so I'm not exactly sure how to break the news to her.

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