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Thread: Has anybody tried tykables

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    Default Has anybody tried tykables

    I'm always on look out for a good authentic looking adult diaper. I've tried a couple of brands, but so far haven't found one I like more than others. I was thinking of trying tykables. However, I wanted to see if anyone has tried them and to get some opinions.

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    I'm wearing one now and will be buying more this weekend I love them there super soft hold a lot and have a good crinkle I highly recommend them

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    I've tried the Tykables Overnights before, and I really liked them. They're cute, comfortable, and have high capacity. Defiantly give them a try.

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    They are awesome. I sleep in one every night. They pull the urine in good too. Less chance of a rash.

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    Wearing one now aswell.....and now it wet.

    I bought a case of them

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    No. But I wanted to. The problem is the sizing. When I look at the sizes of the diapers I thought there's a size 4 but I guess not. I still have hopes for them to make a larger size for bigger people.

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    I just bought my first bag from the tykables store in Mt Prospect. The owner was very nice and gave me a discreet shopping bag to carrying them in. It also turns out they sell onesies at the store location along with plastic pants.

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    I have also been to the physical Tykables store in Mt Prospect, and if you ever get a chance to go it is neat. I have been twice and both times I have had great service!

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    I just ordered a samble pack.. but I screwed up the email address.. now someone out there in cyberspace got my order confirmation... I alredy sent an email to their sales help desk and hope things will get sorted soon..

    Really excited to try them though..

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