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    Hey, I'm emeraldRegice, a male, looking to get more involved with the abdl scene. I've got my stories to tell, and look to write up something. I love cosplay, anime, video games, halloween, and any sport. I play a lot of different trading card games as well. I look to get some insight into the AB scene more as I am both a dl and more and more becomming an AB. I completely accept who I am and what I'm into, so I'll be nothing short of honest and talk real biz. When i say returning i joined a long time ago and never posted.
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    Hello EmeraldRegice and welcome back to the group.


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    Hi and welcome back. I like Halloween as well. I usually write a scary story for this site but I don't think I'll have time this year. I'll probably read a few though, and I love scary movies.

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