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Thread: Should I give up sex?

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    Default Should I give up sex?

    To put things bluntly, I enjoy sex and fanaticise about it regularly.I identify personally as a child but still I have this one adult part of me that likes to have sex and masturbate. This feels very awkward for me to put this down as its intimate and I wouldn't share this with anybody face to face.

    To put things straight I am NOT a pedophile and I fantasise about adults in a a adult context and I am not a DL or a role player. The little side is a lifestyle for me, where I act and feel like a child and go about my day as a child, whilst a few hours a day for 3 days I have to modify my behaviour so I still act like myself but I censor what I am saying and not be as open as I would like to be.

    I understand my actual age and I won't trick anybody into thinking I am the age I am acting as, I can and will act mature when I need to be. As I feel like being a little is a lifestyle and not a kink, I have actual started making my room like a child's and dressing like one. I feel if I have sex or masturbate, I am being a little creepy or something. Most times I don't, but I know if I gave up sex I would be frustrated and I would keep getting sexual feelings and it may even have a negative impact on my mental health but I can't keep feeling like a freak or feeling wrong.

    It's like I do and I don't want to give up sex at the a a time, I enjoy sex and think it's pleasurable but I don't feel like the right age to be doing it even though I am. I also feel like sex has given me more confidence and it has improve my mental health and I enjoy intimacy. What should I do?

    A. Carry on as I have been doing
    B. Carry on and experiment more with sex and become more comfortable with sex
    C. Wean myself off it
    D. Stop it completly and get a proper kids mindset about sex.

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    Hello I don't have a littles side. But i feel it's like anything else. You need to find a happy balance. I have a hard time ejaculating during sex due to my neurological issues. But masturbating i can. But still make love to my G/F. And enjoy it.

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    if its any help, babies masturbate.

    I decided to let the shock settle in here before i went on.

    read this article?

    If its bothering you, maybe you could attempt to masturbate in a more childish way and you wont feel as though you were not acting your age?

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    What!? Babies masturbate! Well this changes it a bit! But babies and toddlers don't have sex

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    Sexual urges are natural and human. I don't understand the enthusiasm for purging this healthy desire. As noted above, children also masturbate. However, I think you're barking up the wrong tree to look to such literal guides.

    We're not babies or children. Rather than seeking rigid and literal definitions of what you must or must not do, look for ways to happily integrate your urges, desires, and goals into a pleasing whole.

    I think if you buy into the "children don't do X" argument as compelling, you have to start giving credence to the more common position that "adults don't do X" where X is liking baby and kid things. Expand your horizon and definitions rather than constraining them.

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    Agree with trevor.

    Its healthier to work on finding an acceptance within yourself of your natural inclinations then daming it away or fostering a inner guilt/revoltion to the activity.

    my advice is B.) to carry on and become more comfortable with it.

    a word of caution, I am advocating you becoming more comfortable, NOT putting yourself into pressured situations with other individuals that you are not comfortable with.

    theres a difference between taking on a child like role with a consensual partner in play, with you being in control of your mind state


    Stop it completly and get a proper kids mindset about sex.
    you may be successful with this form of self conditioning, but if you were ever in a relationship your leaving your future significant other with a rather large emotional knot to untangle.

    conditioning yourself to have a permanent child like outlook regarding sex, or anything can leave you feeling confused or upset irrationally or out of context in future social interactions.

    THe following is pure opinion, so please take it as such, it is not a black and white decree of what is right and what is wrong.

    by conditioning yourself with any permanently little outlooks, and by permanently little outlooks, I am referring to activities or states of mind that you are striving to feel natural, instinctive, automatic.
    states of mind that a natural child would have, that you have to condition yourself to be automatic, as opposed to having control over.

    by conditioning yourself with these, you are not streangthening your self control in a way that will benifit you later in life. being able to control your ability to enter and leave little space will save you a lot of issues later on.

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    I have to agree with all the above.
    Fist off ... yes everyone masterbates.
    And I agree with Trevor.

    I'm going to geek out for a bit but I do have a point.

    I happened to read more than a little on neurology
    and I know that due to some gross anatomical changes in
    neurophysiology due to the onset of puberty the way one
    even experiences reality is changed.

    On the book The Philosophical Baby by Alison Gopnik.....
    "Gopnik employs a useful comparative analogy to distinguish a
    baby's consciousness from that of an adult: the lantern and the spotlight.
    A baby's lantern consciousness is wider and more diffuse because it is set
    to absorb as much as possible of new incoming experience, while an adult
    must learn to inhibit and suppress this enveloping accessibility in the interests
    of focus and efficient functioning in the world."

    Much of this has to do with prepubescent neurobiology.
    They also can't mentally time travel... that is think about the possible future
    or dwell much on the past. For a baby there default mode is to be present in the here
    and now and take in as much as they can with vary little judgment.

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    Chiming in that I agree with all of the above. Babies, toddlers, and children all masturbate. Kids don't generally have sex (well, unless they are in an abusive situation, I guess), but plenty of kids "play doctor" or experiment sexually with their peers. It's something most kids are naturally curious about. They ask mom and dad where babies come from, sneak glimpses of adult movies or tv shows, speculate among friend on how it's done. I know I did all of these as a kid, and I don't feel my childhood was unusual, abusive, or unhealthy in any way.

    If you feel weird about having sex because you're a kid at heart, maybe thinking of yourself as a naturally curious kid will help ease your anxiety.

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    "A proper kid's mindset" is that things must be explored and that things that give you pleasure are fun. Kids are not asexual, they just have a different kind of sexuality, so if you are denying yourself any sexual pleasure, you are also not doing the right thing if you want to be more like a child.

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    no you need a healthy balance of your adult life and your little life maybe have an hour or 2 being an adult a day don't let either one take over your life jut keep a healthy balance of both

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