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    So, I found out yesterday that my ISP is blocking sites on the internet. I have a page that I am running for a school club and I am working on recoding it. Well, on saturday I was getting a fair amount of work done on the site but I had to put it on hold. Then yesterday (wednesday) I tried to access it and kept on getting timed out errors.

    Then I tried another site (deeker yes I know but....) and that takes me to a site that cannot be found then redirects to or something like that. But if I use a proxy, everything works fine.

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    Maybe your ISP is having routing or DNS difficulties? try using mtr to the IP address.

    (If you're a windows user and so don't have it, see

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    That has happened to me with the old forum. I could not access it for 4 days even though everyone in the chat room insisted the website was up and running just fine. I tried from my own connection and from my parents' internet connection, but since were both used the same ISP at that time, it did not work.
    Turns out the ISP had a routing problem - requests to certain IP addressed just ended up in some server that must have been dead, and since the requests always took the same route, I couldn't get there.

    My suggestion: Wait a few days, or if you cannot wait, use a proxy server to access the site.


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    na its not this site, this works just fine. its the big D. one that is not a favorite among members (wild guess) (rhymes with beaker) that just redirects to another page. but thanks for telling me, I will tell you if I ever need that disabled.

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    Open up command prompt and try to ping the website in question, if you get 4 good replies the connection is good but the site is down. If you get packet loss or errors then obviously somewhere something is wrong, then you turn to tracert.

    Tracert basically 'traces the route' over the internet and if there is a problem somewhere it will hang and time out at the location. If it times out on one of your ISP's IP's then it's their problem.

    But as others have said its more than likely just a DNS issue, ISP's have the worst DNS servers out there sometimes.

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    Certain ISPs will block specific ports or IP address ranges mainly to hinder those who use bittorrent or other shareware programs. Other reasons is to prevent (somewhat) the spread of viruses and other malware.

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