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    Default Mommy question?

    Hey I recently found a mommy and she is an amzing person but I was just wondering is it weired to be possibly dating someone that is about five and half years older than you.

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    Enjoy having a Mummy. You lucky little boy.

    And remember communication, is the key in all relationships.

    Have fun.


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    No! My wife/mummy is 10 years younger than me. I'm 33 and she is 23. She is my soul mate, and world. Age is just a number (providing you are both adults! )

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    I hate to say it, but I wills lol

    you probably wouldn't be asking this question if it was you that was 5 years older then her but because she is the older one it seems weird.

    I don't mean to go on a society rant but it really does suck that men dating a girl (over 18 of course) that is 5 or 10 or more years younger then them is perfectly OK, but if a girl dates a younger guy she is generally looked down upon in some way. or called a cougar or other such crap if she's above a certain age.

    **steps off of soap box, drops mic from extended arm, walks off** lol

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    It is exactly what you expect an age difference to be, at times it can leer its head in a humorous way.

    My Mommy and I have an age difference of 7 years, 95% of the time we dont even think about it.
    It just does not occur to us.

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    As others have said, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that and congrats on starting a new and hopefully long lasting relationship. Relationships with even bigger age disparities is still totally acceptable, as Marting said, he's married to someone 10 years younger and that's totally okay as well.

    Personally, for some reason I feel it matters even less the older you are. As in, an 18 year old dating a 23 year old is way different than a 28 year old dating a 33 year old.

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    Even by the standards of The Internet, your age disparity is fine:

    I wouldn't recommend taking that as gospel but I find it a handy calculation that may indicate difficulties. There are other age-based problems but they're mainly ones of where someone is in life. An 18 year-old tends to have different priorities and experience even than a 22 year-old might. Just be aware of potential hurdles and be ready to work through them. I don't see age in and of itself as a problem in your case.

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    When both of u are adults it doesnt matter, 5 and half years is not even so much. Congrats and good luck for your new relationship

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