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Thread: Wearing diapers in the Military

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    Default Wearing diapers in the Military

    Does anyone wear diapers in the Military? Do you wear diapers out in combat and in the base? How many diapers do you bring when you are out in combat and what kind of diapers do you use/wear? If you died in combat, would yo want to be in your diaper?

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    Honestly, yes I do. Kinda. I wear them on my own time, but I have met others that have also completed some military service and they like to wear them. If I'm going out to sea, I don't bring any for now, I do consider it though. I have not yet worn them while I am actively working during the day. In combat, sure I wouldn't mind if I died when I was wearing a diaper.

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    I guess things wil have changed now but I remember my Dad telling me of a lad who wanted to get out of the army when doing his National Service so he started wetting his bed. They soon through him out on medical grounds. My Dad was always sure he did it deliberately.

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    It'd be genial when sniper course, but sincerly, prefere stay without diapers in those sites, because military ambience.. Retired from 2002...

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    It is, in theory, doable. However, the issues with discovery are likely to be vastly increase, including possibly being remanded for medical evaluation preparatory to discharge proceedings. If you're in and thinking about it, I'd advise only on your own time, such as it is, and not on post. I would definitely avoid wearing while working/deployed/training - that's just begging for someone to open the whole can of worms.

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    Reminds me of a scene from Sgt. Bilko

    Quote Originally Posted by Sgt. Bilko
    Wally: Speaking of Doberman, can I please have another roommate?
    Bilko: Why, what's wrong with Doberman?
    Wally: He wet his bed!
    Bilko: Oh, well, once in a while...
    Wally: No, he did it from across the room.

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    There's a 20-something guy on Tumblr who was in the Marines for 4 years, out of San Diego (?), who is bladder incontinent and wears 24/7. Somebody once asked him how he manged to get through boot camp, and he said something about his medication working better back then (?). He's posted about going on multi-mile runs in his diaper and other things. Given how earnest he seems about everything else, I have no reason to doubt him. So I guess it's do-able sometimes.

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    I am a Marine, been out for about ten years now. For my year in Iraq I missed my diapers a lot! I wore them discretely when not deployed. Once I left my locker unlocked during an inspection that i want there for, when I got back to the barracks one of my depends was placed neatly on my desk by my computer. Nobody said anything to me and of course I didn't ask any questions. Being IC is something they can discharge you for but just liking diapers, awkward as it nay be, they cant do shit to you besides make fun of you. Getting killed in combat diapered?... At least your clothes wont get stained when your bladder and bowels involuntarily release.

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    Former Army here.. never had the guts to wear while in the field or during deployments.. I did enjoy the hell out of my diapers once I got my first off post apartment though. I applaud y'all that did and do wear while on active duty.

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    Been out on deployment twice with onesie and diaper once on secret service mission in osprey just piloting and once flying cargo/tank to afgan. Afghan just the diaper osprey secret service with onesie diaper and paci caused some talk I can tell you but even then they said I was best for the job. I am a great pilot but whether it was cos of my skills or because I'm expendable I'm not sure. it was to a country we shouldn't have been in. type in incredibly low flight f35 scraping runway usa or medivac Chinook lands on rooftop Afghanistan both me. Not bragging just saying retired when I defied orders to bomb from fighter jets cos I didn't want to kill no more got into medivac which went well till my medivac chopper got put out of commission landed it barely back at base then apparently promoted to the biggest heaviest sack of crap in the air force the Chinook despite what they say the powerfull engines don't make up for the fact it ways as much as a battle ship and is crap to fly. Don't believe me fine but its the truth will explain more just don't barage me with messages would take ages to explain it all

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