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Thread: WOW world of warcraft

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    Default WOW world of warcraft

    Just wondering if anyone plays and
    if maybe anyone would like to start a guild
    where a bit of age play would be OK.

    For anyone not in the know world of warcraft (WOW)
    has playable characters like gnomes (kind of child like looking),
    and cute anthropomorphic pandas (like kung fu panda), and
    cow/bull like playable characters called Taurens.

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    I havnt played in about 2 years now but my last two toons i played were a panda and a worgen

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    I recently tried replaying wow with a friend of mine on adisc, we played for a little bit but I dont think he was very interested, and it was no fun by myself.

    While preparing to play with this particular friend, Another frien on adisc had expressed an interest in playing world of warcraft with other people on ADISC, I had to inform him that i did not think it was going to happen as our third person dropped out. this was about 2 weeks ago

    If your going to organize a group of players on U.S. Servers let me know and i'll see if anyone i know of is interested

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    Hey, I'm not super active right now as my account is down and I'm in the market for a new comp but if you guys wanna add me on battle tag that'd be cool. Message me for it I suppose. Or if you can't because I'm new on here or something I guess I can just post it here but I'd rather not. Lemme know!

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    I haven played in years, Im kinda worried about my toons profiles getting deleted. I played vanilla and have things that are unattainable now, namely my hunter epic quest bow... Rok'dellar longbow of epic bragging rights. My lvl 29 twink hunter has 40k lifetime honor kills as well. I want to play but can afford it. I used to huntard the shit out of noobs in pvp.

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    I have been playing the new expansion, Legion, recently and wouldn't mind joining a new guild since my current one seems rather dead. Unfortunately I'm on EU and didn't really want to be switching servers.

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    I play and already have a few 110s, however a guild may be out of the question for some due to being happy where they are, that does not mean we can't do Btag/realID groups with each other when not involved with current guilds or whatever.

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    Sorry I din't reply sooner. I'm dyslexic and typing is
    not my strong suit.

    All cards on the table...
    I have never been in charge of a guild but I want to try.
    I'm still a little new to playing with others but bored
    of playing alone.

    Btag/realID groups might be a good place to start.
    Thanks, Icewolf.

    I think it could be fun to have a
    guild where roll play and age play in guild chat would be acceptable (and even encouraged).
    A roll play server would be ideal. Maybe even RPPVP server.

    I'd love to have you Zendot but I'm not sure how to handle the hole
    EU server thing. I need to think on this.

    Wow Crinklebuttt! 40k lifetime honor kills!
    You where a monster. My hand start to shake when I try
    to PVP form all the adrenalin. As for being able to afford to play...
    nowadays you can buy game time with gold (wow tokens) so maybe that can work.

    I would like to find out who is on what server
    and and who can move servers. Moving is not a big deal for
    me but I understand that could be an issue for some.

    We could even level all new toons from level 1 together.
    Then no one would have to pay to move server that way.
    Plus it might be fun to "grow" together.

    My main is a Panda wind walker monk. Item level 844 (as of now).
    I'm like a big teady bear ... with swords and magic and stuff.

    My partner and mommie has serveral toons that could
    join in. A few are healers and I have been playing with tanking.

    We only need 10 people to form a guild of littles so... we can do this.

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    Hehe thanks, I put a lot into my lvl 29 hunter, those 40k honor kills took a lot of pvp, I was a godly until they broke the game with expansions. XP in battlegrounds ruined everything for me. Wow itself is pretty cheap, I just cant afford internet and i also need a new computer. Maybe some day ill get back into it. I have horde and ally toons on multiple servers. Norgannon is my main server, my main character is Keelut(night elf hunter). I would even like to play on a private server that has no expansions, 40man raids were the best when 60 was the level cap.

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