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Thread: Where do you store your diapers?

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    Default Where do you store your diapers?

    For those of you who wear diapers on a daily basis, where do you keep them stored? I keep the diapers that I've taken out of the packaging in a chest of drawers in my bedroom and leave the ones still in cases in my basement. I have so many that it would be impossible to keep them all in bedroom and out of sight unless I had a huge walk-in closet. I'm curious to know what kind of storage solutions you guys have come up with.

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    I do have a walk-in closet and I got some big opaque storage bins to keep clothes and diapers out of sight. That worked pretty well for a while but my love of variety and low freq of wearing worked against me. At its worst, it was too much to reasonably keep in the closet with my other stuff but my fairly lengthy stretches of 24/7 helped reduce things.

    I don't expect my stuff will fit into the three storage containers again but I do have it all back in the closet and that's good enough.

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    Make sure when you are storing them in the basement they are in a waterproof container like a rubbermade tote or its equal in case you have those incidents of plumbing incontinent breaks or sewers that decide to back up into your basement or your washer decides to go kaput, or the hot water heater too... to protect your valuable asset your diapers. Mine are in a spare room still in boxes till I need them Got about 5 cases each of Abri Form X Plus , Dry 24-7 and 3 cases of DC Amor Pink diapers soon to get 3 more cases of them also .

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    I have a storage closet right outside my room in the hallway, I keep the full cases there and keep the loose ones in my bedroom drawer.

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    Open bags in the bottom drawer of a chest of drawers, usually enough for about a week at a time.
    Cases and partial cases in the garage.

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    I usually have two or three different types (Night, Day, light weight) stacked neatly on top of my dresser. I keep a couple of packs in the closet and replace diapers on the dresser as needed.

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    LOL, I guess it depends on how many I have and how organized I'm feeling that day. Can you say "Organized Chaos"?
    They will find their way into a dresser draw, the armoire, closet shelf, closet floor & sometimes on the floor in a random corner in a shopping bag, lol.
    I guess you can say an "upside" of having to wear them is not having to worry about them being seen. I'm loonngg over caring about that, lol.

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    I keep my cloth diapers (folded) on shelves in my closet. I have an open pack of disposables on the floor of my closet. Also keep a few cloth diapers at easy reach on the top of my dresser next to my bed. My plastic pants and onesies are in the top 2 drawers of my dresser.

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    My nappies and pads are stored in my office, my wardrobe and some by my bed.

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    My current pack of disposables goes in my chest of drawers, as do my plastic pants.

    My unopened disposables go in the footwell of my closet.

    My cloth diapers go under my bed.

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