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    Default Me and my little one

    Me and my husband met through one of these diaper sites and him being AB was never planned to be part of our relationship. Before i met him i was quite new to abdl sites and i met lots of people who tried to insist and preassure me to be a little one or mommy, which made me feel even more weird about the AB part of the fetish. I always have been just dl even though i tried pacis at first just to find out it wasnt my cup of tea.

    Later on we both got more comfortable with him being little and me being mommy. Now it's just a normal part of our life and i really enjoy him having a fun time and relaxing. It also helps him with his ocd and anxiety, being little gives him the brake from stress and obsessions that his ocd causes. At first he mostly slept while being little but later on he has got more playful. Now we usually watch cartoons from netflix and snuggle or go for walk. Just normal stuff and having fun. Any other ideas what to do with my little one?

    We have got him some toys and couple norsus, stuffed elephants, which he loves. We also have bottles and pacis. Any suggestions what stuff we would need also? Nothing too big coz those need to be hideable as we are having a baby in January. We dont really have any clothes yet but im fearly good with a sewing machine and im about to make him a onsie and a cloth diaper when i get my sewing machine fixed. Also i made an adult size changing matt and might do some pacifier strings. We also have been thinking if there would be other little ones who would like to buy mommy made baby stuff, what do u think? I know there are some stores that sell some stuff but some of them seems quite expensive. I would like to tailor make things for people to make them extra special for little ones like mine!

    I would also like to tell those ones who still are looking for their life partners that by being honest and open u will find her/him. The reason why we probably got close was meeting in the abdl site, knowing that that was our common interest, but started to get closer by other stuff. As a woman i found it always bit weird when unknown person started conversations with "little talk" about me being mommy or diving straight into something sexual. Of course this is only my point of view and maybe i was on wrong sites but it seemed to happen almost in every chat i tried.

    I guess that's why me and my little one love this site!

    Let us know what you think of our idea.


    Nenanena and Marting (my little one).

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    I'm a very lucky boy. And very grateful to this community for helping me accept myself. Love x

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    What about going to a BabysRUs store and browsing? As you go through the store, you and he can discuses the things you see and determine if it is something you want to try. Since you are having a baby in January, you would fix right in with the other shoppers.

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    Have you thought about food. Being feed for me is so nice. And like being changed I am putting my trust in someone else to take care of me. And for the feeder you get to care for your little in a very personal way.

    Also have you thought about getting a cot/crib?

    Well that all I can think at the moment and has sergested have a look at the baby stores. Your Little will lead you to the things he wonts, needs.

    Have fun together.


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    We have been looking some toys in supermarkets and we have some bits and books already. Yesterday we saw this nice singing book we liked, quite expensive tho maybe we will check BabiesRUs too, thanks for the idea.

    We did bresfeeding but as im already on 6th month on my pregnancy we had to stop as it can cause preterm labour and we dont want to risk it. Planning to continue it later when baby have got her share. Other baby food we havent really tried, we have bought some fruity baby foods but havent try those yet. Sometimes i have feed him normal food like yoghurt and cereals.

    I think a crib/cot is out of question as it would take lots of space and we are not planning to make our fetish/private life public to other people. Thank u for the idea anyway

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    Congrats to the happy couple on many levels.
    When the next baby comes, Marting needs to be able to be big brother and help mommy out so she does not collapse under the load. Big brothers can do a lot.

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    Ah that's sweet. Although I will certainly be daddy rather than big brother. I'll be keeping little Martin for mummy!

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