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Thread: Making myself incontinent?

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    Default Making myself incontinent?

    So the idea of me having to wear diapers is somewhat a turn on to me. If I keep wearing them, and wetting myself, will I become incontinent? If so, why would it make me incontinent? Is it a good idea making myself incontinent? Can I become continent again after training or will I be like this forever? I like wetting myself, and I've recently bought more pull-ups, I'm in one right now, and for the most part use these as my toilet, for pee anyways.

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    Not easy to become incontinent. You would have t wear 24/7 for a long period of time, like months to really train you body to let go semi unconsciously. Even then, if you stopped wearing, it likely wouldn't remain. Unless you have a medical condition, the idea of "becoming" incontinent is rare. I would also not wish that on yourself. Ask anyone that is and has to wear, if they could go back to not having to wear, and I bet most would take that trade any day. Try it straight for a week or more and see if this is the life you want to really live. It can get tiresome and expensive as well as be a big time taker with having to change, deal with disposal and trying to keep it private.

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    You won't untrain by just wearing, you have to put effort into it, if you did untrain there are physical therapists that act as mom and dad to retrain you, many men after a procedure like TURP go and retrain with them, usually the surgeon refers them before the procedure "to meet and greet" that way afterwords if you do need there help you already have met, but even without surgery any Doctor can refer you if you tell them you have a problem.

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    Wearing alone as well as in and of itself will not weaken your ability to retain control over your body's waste expulsion systems. Wearing AND using diapers will inevitably lend itself to you being able to expel waste with much less concentrated effort; which is distinctly different from any actual loss of control. As others have stated, you are merely transforming your body's natural pattern of habituation to incorporate a method [that is by and large] not normally needed or wanted by the [much] greater majority of individuals throughout the world.

    TL;DR: You should worry more about what gift card to get to send to your relatives than this.

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    First off, if you're wearing a diaper but you pee like you normally would (that is, you wait until you have to go, then pee) you won't affect your continence at all. You're still holding it, the muscles are still doing the normal thing, you just get used to going in a diaper instead of walking over to the bathroom. Worst that might happen is that you do that for a while and forget that you're not diapered and have a small accident before you stop yourself. And even that's unlikely because your brain is still conscious of the fact that no diaper means not okay to pee.

    If you wear and intentionally pee very frequently over an extended period of time (like months) without any breaks, you can maybe give yourself a minor form of urge incontinence because your muscles will atrophy. It's still a temporary thing though, a few days practicing holding it and you'll train the muscles back up. It's also really not healthy to do that, you're intentionally trying to mess your muscles up. Even then, though, people who have gone a long time wearing and using whenever they felt like it have said that they're still able to get back out of diapers pretty easily.

    If you're into feeling incontinent, the best way to do it is to do something else to simulate the feeling. Get a friend (somebody on ADISC if you want) to randomly PM you telling you to have an accident, or schedule a free day where you'll have a lot to drink all day and have lots of desperation moments.

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    intentionally breaking yourself is akin to any other form of self maiming, personally I wouldn't recommend it. Learning to be able to go at will is one thing but why be trapped like that?

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    These are excellent points - I've had the same urge, but seriously, I don't think we really want to "make ourselves ic" even though we so enjoy our diapers and wearing them.

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    When my bladder control became a problem my urologist and the continence nurse both wanted me to stay clear of nappies or pads during the day as long as possible. I was warned once I started wearing pads or nappies all the time what control I had left would soon be lost. They were of course right but for meit was just easier than constantly worrying about visibly wetting myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sophiaa View Post
    So the idea of me having to wear diapers is somewhat a turn on to me. If I keep wearing them, and wetting myself, will I become incontinent?
    Possibly. Depends on your circumstances and luck.

    If so, why would it make me incontinent?
    Behavioural normalisation, muscle memory, atrophy of muscles from non use.

    Is it a good idea making myself incontinent?
    If you feel unsure enough about it that you feel the need to ask someone else, then no, it's not a good idea to make yourself incontinent. In general, I think it would be considered an objectively bad idea (as someone who's done it).

    Can I become continent again after training or will I be like this forever?
    Probably depends on your luck and how badly detrained you are. I tried twice, I was unsuccessful, and I'm less continent now than I was then.

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    I tried to go without diapers, but I failed and leaked. So I resumed to permanently wearing and always taking sufficient supply with me to avoid embarassing situations. I am an adult person and have the right to choose my person incontinence management. And diapers are the best for people girls.
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