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Thread: Reminder thread.

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    Default Reminder thread.

    Just keep forgetting things.

    Bring Watchmen to school
    Bring pencils
    Put on belt
    Get permission slip signed
    Bring lunch money
    Call Josh

    Feel free to use this thread as intended.

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    Uhm...You could just as easily make an email to yourself, or write a note on Notepad or something...

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    Write a little note to yourself and leave it somewhere you'll definitely see it (the back of your door for example).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ellipsis View Post
    I'll never remember to check it.
    Leave it open. What makes you think you'll check this thread more than your email? There are also Widgets (like from Yahoo), that are to-do lists.

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    Come on, guys. Whatever works, right?

    I don't bother putting a post-it in front of my computer because I'll either move it, or get rid of it while thinking, "I'll remember that now."

    Let him do what he thinks will work. If it works, great. If not, he'll try something else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ellipsis View Post
    I'll never remember to check it.
    Just like you won't with this? Anyways just make a list and set it as your desktop background on your computer screen.

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    It's like twitter without twitter. It's kind of cool and enigmatic remembrance list for everyone to see. I like the idea, and think it would make a cool thread.

    Tune bike
    Clean apartment
    Call Dad and Sis
    Learn to convert shoe sizes from female to male

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