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    Today whe I arrived at work I reached in my pocket to pull out my headphones and my paci fell on the floor so I quickly picked it up and put it back in my pocket looking around and hoping that nobody saw me but nobody said anything about it so I think I'll be OK has this ever happened to you? How did you react to this happening?

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    I lost mine at work once, found it on the floor close call, also come out of pocketes in front of work colleague, they just said do I have children. I said yes and left it there.

    Now I have it on a ribbon around my nick so i can tuck it in when i not sucking and it not going to end up on the floor.

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    I accidnetly pulled mine out in the shop when I was searching for my change

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    I had someone see me, OK, so extra thick diaper, one of the ABU Lavender one on the outside, with a thick diaper that wasn't plastic backed as the inner diaper, a long red hair wig, a pink/white masquerade mask, and a girl's Halloween costume of a bunny, its a dress that goes to about the middle of my stomach, with a fair amount of that part of the dress that fluffs outward at the bottom. It has two little carrots in the front and a ball tail on the back, and the fluffy bottom part only covers the top part of the diaper. It was on the top floor of a parking garage and the guy startled me and I dropped the paci I had in my mouth. The feelings are mixed between awesome for the fact I was seen like that in a public space, and kinda sorta embarrassed, as I am exploring new boundaries. Part of me loves the humiliation factor, the embarrassment part of it, but it's hard to feel embarrassed about it kind of.

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