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    I saw long time ago I can't remember much about all I know about this girl who wakes up as a dog.

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    Quote Originally Posted by INCONTAL View Post
    Maybe try google search on the movie.
    I did and nothing since I dont remember about the moive it wont help

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    give me a moment, i'll try to help

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    are you sure it was a movie? there was a tv show called secret adventures in the early 90s in which every episode children and babysitter would turn into animals, one of the episodes titled "Snap" has them turning into a dogs.

    Do you know if the movie was animated?

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    Not animated heres what I remember she breaks promise to hang out with her friend to go date with guy her friend cast spell on her something like that while she is sleeping she slowly turns into a dog

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    hm..I'll try and find out but it may take me the day, cause im going to look on and off

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    Quote Originally Posted by MommyandMattling View Post
    hm..I'll try and find out but it may take me the day, cause im going to look on and off
    I wish I knew more

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    well...lets see when did you see the film? do you remember the rough idea of the year it came out? do you know who made it? any of the actors or actresses? IT helps to know it was not animated. was it an american movie?

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    I was in middle school sithat be 99 are 2000

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    sorry buhha, Ive found numerous refference to girls turning into dogs, but i dont think any of them are the right ones.

    2 of them are males turning into dogs, 100 deeds for eddie mcdowd, and a dogs tale

    the other is a tv series by the disney channel called so weird, in which a women is turned into a dog by her husband.

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