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Thread: Favorite YouTube channels to watch?

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    Default Favorite YouTube channels to watch?

    I'm sure this has probably been posted many times, but this I guess would be more of a recent version... But who do you guys watch on YouTube? I watch Markiplier, M3RKMUS1C, FaZe Apex, FaZe Rain, FaZe Blaziken, FaZe Carl, Nigahiga (not a racist name, his name is Ryan Higa), LostNUnbound, TDPresents, Bob Ross, Good Mythical Morning, sW00zie, Seananners, and some other channels. If you couldn't tell, these for the most part are mostly gaming channels, and Bob Ross helps me sleep at night. What's everybody else's favorite channels?

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    I recommend Goldvision as the most unique lets play series. He doesn't do blind reads. Instead he creates heavily edited narratives out of mundane experiences, delving into philosophy as he goes. His most famous series is GTA Pacifist, but I like the 25 Games of Christmas the best.

    Here's GTA Pacifist.

    Videogamedunkey also does a heavily edited letsplay series. He is an absolute troll, never taking any scenario seriously. He formerly was known for his league of legends series, but he has since dropped that to play whatever he feels like. Sometimes his best content isn't even a lets play. I'll link to his great take on the history of videogames. Note, he is an asshole, so expect some parts where he goes over the line.

    I also love CGP Grey because I am a nerd for complex political situations. Here's his take on the salary of the Royal family.

    The last one I will recommend will be the most controversial. On the surface level Endless Jess / Manchild Incorporated appears to be a big asshole with a run of the mill video game and my little pony review series. But as you keep watching, you discover that he is a big asshole who created his series as a character study, crafting a narrative across his channels following WWE story structure. His persona is a complete douchebag who insults his audience at every opportunity, bragging about his own greatness. Then he demonstrates just how well thought out his videos are, planting secrets far earlier than anticipated, and delivering a more thorough analysis of the subjects than his competition. This youtuber is for a very specific audience. The first scene of his first review gets the point across. I'l link to that and his pony channel.

    So yeah, there's my guys.

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    I watch a lot of the classical piano artists as well as some choirs and other forms of music.

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    For channels in particular, usually just Retsupurae.

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    I'm just into mostly games, if any of you have like trouble sleeping, watch Bob Ross' Joy of Painting Series on YouTube. It's kinda like ASMR, but his voice is so soft and calming I just collapse about 10 minutes into his paintings.

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    My own Youtube Channel. =)

    Quote Originally Posted by Ruth View Post
    I also love CGP Grey because I am a nerd for complex political situations. Here's his take on the salary of the Royal family.
    Yay!! Another CGP Grey fan!!! Always good to see that channel getting more love. Hope you're also a listener of Hello Internet as well.

    Also a big fan of Vlogbrothers, Kurzgesagt, and definitely my favorite science/educational Youtube Channel, Vsauce.

    And those are just the Science (though Vlogbrothers is more just random, though they have spin off educational channels, SciShow and Crash Course) and Educational Channels (that I watch regularly. I sometimes see plenty of others as well.

    I could also go into the Political Channels/News I watch (Young Turks, Secular Talk) as well as some of the film/tv reviews, theories, and other media nerdy crap (Channel Awesome, Super Carlin Brothers, Mysterious Mr. Enter), and I could dwell on into a ton of other random Youtubers since I watch a lot. If I listed every channel, I'd have a huge list of seemingly random channels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClandestineWing View Post
    For channels in particular, usually just Retsupurae.
    Oh hey, another RP fan. I remember getting into them back in 2010, and after watching them for over six years now, I can definitely say that both the regular guys were much more vitriolic back then. I honestly don't mind the change of direction they decided to go in, I'm in fact starting to get tired of seeing salty ex-fans of theirs that started watching way back in 2008-2009 (When they were still SA Goons and acted much like them) say how they've become "SJWs" or whatever. They've just become more mature, there's no "hidden liberal agenda" about it.

    That said, I will never stop watching their "Last Alert" wrongpurae. When they started doing commentary over terrible/hilarious games on their channel as opposed to doing it just exclusively for standalone Let's Plays, they really started something great – even if they don't record the footage themselves often if at all.
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