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Thread: hand shaking and twitches.

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    Default hand shaking and twitches.

    I'm pretty sure this is releated to my anxiety but sometimes I get shaky hands, and all over muscle twitches, anyone else get the same?

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    Yeah. At various points during the day, various muscles in my body will grown minds of their own and twitch around a bit without my permission. I'll get more pronounced twitching on occasion right after lying down to bed, which has me wondering about pinched nerves in my back or neck (I have scoliosis too, so my back's in less-than-awesome shape). I've been to a neurologist about it, though, and he did some tests and ultimately gave me a diagnosis of "you're getting older, and this stuff happens". He did at least reassure me that it wasn't MS or some other debilitating thing. If you're worried about your own symptoms, definitely get seen.

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    Happens to me too. Mostly in my hands, but last year I got sick and it made me shake uncontrollably, particularly in my legs. Even after I was better, for a while if I got chilled it would come back again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shybug View Post
    I'm pretty sure this is releated to my anxiety but sometimes I get shaky hands, and all over muscle twitches, anyone else get the same?
    Lots of varied medications can cause hand tremors and myoclinic jerking. Are you on any medication? Feel free to tell me privately if you dont feel comfortable telling the whole website about private stuff, (i am a nurse btw)
    But ideally you should go see your gp if it's worrying you

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    Could be early Parkinsons or essential tremors or it might be nerves or just too much caffeine. You should see a doctor.

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    Too much coffee, or that rare can of Red Bull. Or if I've been more than a day without a hard workout.

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    I think there's too many reasons to speculate what it could be. It's may be nothing except too much caffeine or it may be the symptom of an underlying health issue. Just to be on the safe side I would get it checked out with a doctor.

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    I have had shaky hands my entire life for the most part. Like if I hold my hand out my hand shakes ever so slightly as well as my fingers. Holding things like a coffee cup makes the shaking more noticeable. There have been people who thought I was nervous while talking to them because of the shaking lol. So it's enough for others to notice it and it's not just me XD.

    I do get twitches as well now and again, but not anything bad or concerning really. As for me .. the shaking is pretty much hereditary, my grandpa has them and my dad as well.

    Also as someone who draws, I can tell you it's nearly impossible for me to draw clean steady lines, so in the end it's almost a requirement for me to use something like paint tool sai for the stabilizer it comes with.

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    im not sure if its the same thing but ive had the shakes for a long time. whenever my blood pressure spikes a bit i cant even hold a cup thats over 3/4 full (makes it tough to drink after working out). my doctor blames my weight but even when i was in shape i had this so i dont know what causes it

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