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Thread: XP Medical Re-design

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    Default XP Medical Re-design

    I haven't worked my way all the way through the site yet, but XP Medical has completely re-done their site.

    Seems like a bit of a visual improvement.

    If you find any significant differences, call 'em out.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Oh no. It looks like samples are gone.

    Also, they've slimmed down their selection, but they only got rid of the worst ones anyway. All of my faves are still there.

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    Oh wow, it looks awesome!
    The old site look did appear a little outdated and in the raw for such a decent business, much cleaner now.

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    I like the changes. Looks like the samples are gone.

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    call me old fashioned liked the old site better. less frily junk and easier to use. Yes the samples seem to be missing that is not good!
    I am going to call Gary and let him know . And yes I did call him and left a message for him .

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    All of the ID slip diapers are gone from the site now. Did they really stop selling those? That was like the one product they had that no one else had (besides their A+ store brand). That's disappointing. I have basically no reason to shop there anymore since I can get everything else they sell from Northshore or some other site with greater selection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonnythepony View Post
    Oh wow, it looks awesome!
    The old site look did appear a little outdated and in the raw for such a decent business, much cleaner now.
    I agree that it looked dated. If I weren't already familiar with them, their site looked dated enough that I would question if they were still operational. I think it looks a lot better than before. I was just surprised seeing this thread because I was on their site just a couple days ago and it was still the old design.

    Quote Originally Posted by oleman72 View Post
    I like the changes. Looks like the samples are gone.
    I kind of wonder if perhaps samples accounted for so little of their business that they did away with them for simplicity, or perhaps the more benign possibility that they might have just not re-added them to their new site yet?

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    wondered what happened to the old saying if it aint broke do not fix it ? The website was perfectly fine. You do not have to make things fancy dancy. Sad they redesigned the site . its a shame !

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    I kind of like it. Form ALWAYS follow function, and the new site does seem to be easier to use.

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    We all saw what happened to Depends and Attends with their changes eh? -not good
    We all saw what happened to Abena when they changed eh?-- not good - Only thing is good is the M, L-4's
    We all say what happened to Dry 24-7 after they moved from Israel eh? -Thankful they are made in the USA with terrible absorbency now . however not good!
    we all saw what happened to coca cola? Pepsi.. need I say more ?
    Sorry folks you do not need fancy to live your lives.... by the way I clocked it and the website loads slower now...
    I hate to be the fly in the ointment..I call it like I see it .

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    I just visited the site and while I a) don't like pop-ups and b) lament the apparent loss of the ID Slips, the new design doesn't seem particularly heavy. I believe Gary studied engineering, so would like to think he has enough sense to not bloat it beyond all sense. If you want to browse an overloaded site, see I may send an email about the ID Slips.

    Edit: they're running the site through Magento (e-commerce system). I think that's new? While I don't know much about it, I do recall that it can be difficult to implement efficiently. I still don't see a noticeable resource hit.

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