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    Default Diapers in South America

    Does anyone have experience buying diapers in South America? What kind of brands are popular/available? Specifically in Colombia and Ecuador.

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    My off the wall humor - Plenty of drug cartels will diaper you up with a new type of baby powder - sorry if this is off the wall I had to say it other than that no I have no experience in those two countries yet. However if that pharmacy is still open at Miami Airport they used to sell Depends back in the 1990's .

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    Quote Originally Posted by hti24 View Post
    Does anyone have experience buying diapers in South America? What kind of brands are popular/available? Specifically in Colombia and Ecuador.
    Google is your friend, I'm sure that there are plenty of websites from businesses in those areas that'll be listed.

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    For future reference: in South America the Tena Slip Maxi reigns supreme. They're everywhere in Colombia.

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    So, I just created this account to reply to this thread. Long time lurker, and came across the thread only a couple of days ago. Thought I would post some information here in case anyone else, be it local or foreigner, needs it. I haven't tried posting reviews of any of the diapers I've tried throughout the years anywhere, so I thought I could start here. Also, I suppose it could be of use to you still. If anyone thinks I could post all of this somewhere else, I'd appreciate directions.

    These are the brands available here in Colombia that I have tried:

    As you said, the Tena Slip is the most widely available adult diaper in pharmacies and stores. I don't know how it would compare to the well known Slip Maxi, but I honestly have never liked it much. It's always had a cloth backing and has been the "best" (ie most absorbent) of the Tena diapers in the country, but although it was recently reworked into a newer version that finally has leak guards (yes, the old one didn't even have leak guards), the tapes are pretty bad, using both adhesive and a small velcro line that is supposed to fasten to the cloth backing. Problem is the cloth backing itself is really bad, it's really loose and will slowly, uh, "peel off" (?) through friction with clothes and skin and contact with the tapes, a surprising issue considering the next diaper I will review.

    Next is the Tena Basic. As the name clearly says, it's the basic adult diaper you can buy from Tena, and most of the time can be found beside the Slip. It doesn't have leak guards and absorbency is ok, in the way that it does its job, but you will want to change after maybe a couple of wettings, depending on how much you wet. Along with the Slip it was recently reworked and now is cloth-backed when it had been plastic-backed for at least 8 years when I first tried one of these on. The cloth backing is actually ok on this one, which is why I said the issue on the Slip was surprising.
    I was really saddened by the change to cloth on this diaper since it was my favorite, and I currently have one last pack of the old ones stashed away, but I must admit that the new version is much better in the fact that you can easily wear it under your clothes and not have to worry about crinkling (I still wear underwear over it). Also, it's comfortable to wear at all times. Wetness indicator is a set of blue lines that vanish when wet.

    Brands outside Tena are something else... they are not found easily, you have to go to some big stores or dedicated baby/adult diaper stores to find them, and even then they may carry certain brands and not others.

    I have only ever tried Plenitud Classic, plastic backed, 4 white-on-blue tapes and a dedicated branded plastic landing area, leak guards. I always thought this one had slightly less capacity than the Tena Basic, could never confirm, but it outright has less padding all around, so it should make sense. This diaper was recently directly replaced by a new cloth backed (ugh) diaper which I have yet to try, unfortunately can't remember the name, but keep in mind the Protect was always there along with Classic, so there should be another one now. I believe the new one should be just like the old one except for the cloth backing, which felt kinda like wearing plastic underwear, the padding was located in a rectangular area in the front and the back (not taking a wider area), meaning that it was also easier to hide than other diapers.
    There's a night diaper, Nocturno, too, but haven't tried it either.

    Cotidian Plus: steer away from this one, although plastic backed, I disliked it because it stretches down quite a bit between the legs when wet, making it an annoyance to wear around. Not very well designed it seems. 4 tapes, leak guards, nothing special.

    Cotidian Premium: now, this one was a surprise, got my hands on a couple of samples once. Cloth backed, comfortable to wear (and very easy to hide, use some underwear over it for stealth mode), leak guards, 4 velcro-style tapes that fasten to a very well made landing on the front. I could recommend this one, but I can't currently remember much about absorbency/capacity.

    Prudential Comfort: took me a while to remember the brand name, but I gotta say that this easily is the thickest diaper I have worn. Maybe it's just that the padding is a bit loose inside the diaper and makes it look bigger, but I also felt it had better absorbency and capacity than any of the other diapers. Cloth backed, 4 tapes, plastic landing zone, leak guards, and I THINK this one has elastics on both the back and the front. There's still the Prudential Total above this one, which I haven't worn yet.

    I can't honestly do very good comparisons between the diapers, since I wore them at very different times throughout the years, I also skipped over details like wetness indicators and elastics on back and front on most of these.
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