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Thread: Hello.. Just an intro

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    Smile Hello.. Just an intro

    Hey adisc members!

    I've just got the "You're a lurker" message. Oooppss..

    Anyways, I never meant to be a lurker. I'll start posting a bit more.

    So a bit about me: I'm a girl, well a woman really. I'm 25. I'm from scotland. I'm in to the adult kid role in this community. Love my diapers but prefer to role play as a young kid. I'm still a bit of a tomboy and love boys games and clothes. I'm in a relationship just now with someone who knows about me enjoying acting like a kid but knows NOTHING about the diapers! It's complicated!

    I'm a member of various other ab/dl communities and post on them somtimes.

    I also recently met up with a member of one of these sites and we had an excellent time! Just some innocent diaper stuff.. going to meet him again very soon.

    Any questions? Just ask! I've noticed people are quite fickle on this site! (Are you a troll?? Are you a girl?? You're grammer is terrible - did you even go to school???) So.. hope that was ok for an intro!

    ellerokk x

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    Welcome to the site

    Sorry about the lurker message. Personally, I don't think it works well to compel people to be active posters, but that's how it is here. Ultimately, I think it's a small price to pay for a great site. As for the community being fickle, I guess that's accurate from a certain point of view. What it is is a large community, with lots of people speaking their minds, so you're going to see a wide range of responses to any question. I hope you'll see fit to add your thoughts into the mix.

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    Hi Ellerokk..

    Welcome to ADISC. I hope now you will join in and participate and just have some good fun. This is an awesome group.

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    Welcome to ADISC!

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    Welcome, hehe dont worry though, i got downgraded from regular to newbie, but i think thats mostly because i havent been coming on recently.

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    Welcome Elle. Has spring arrived yet in Scotland? I will be just across the sea from you in Norway soon!

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    Fickle? Not that I have seen. We are a cautious bunch, and take time to get to know people. Once people have made friends (or enemies) they tend to stay that way, so fickle would not be the word I would choose. Other forums tend to be freer and looser with rp, sharing secrets, and the acceptable level of drama. We are closely moderated, here and chat. Security is high as we have a mix of adults, kids, and possibly other.

    And you are already interesting, and plainly open, and experienced in the ways of the online abdl world. - And let me say, *yays, more girlz * yay diversity.

    /me snuggle-hugs Ellerokk - Oh, and I totally get and respect the diaper-kid role; there are all kinds of varieties here, and not all who don't identify as simply dl are automatically ab (or tb.)

    And please try not to sweat it if people question you as to if you are a troll or what variety of girl, or whatever. They are merely doing their homework for their pre-introductory security course. (See what happens if you reply," Yes, yes. I am a troll. Now what?") Remember, we have some jerks and creeps like any other site; we are awaiting a patch for our jerkfilter software.

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